Fried pork chops: corn meal okay?

I’ve never fried pork chops before, but I want to give them a try tonight. I bought some on the way home from lunch and they’re soaking in a very simple brine right now.

I’ve been making fried okra lately using Alton’s wet recipe, so I’ve got corn meal handy. Can I use that for my dredge for pork chops, too?

Sure, you can. It Good Eats! (sorry)

Hint: Use a *little bit * of flour to help bind the cornmeal and it won’t fall off so much.

My plan was to dip the chops in buttermilk, then corn meal, then buttermilk again, then corn meal again (the same pattern Alton uses for fried pickles, FWIW). Alas, the only flours I have on hand are rice flour and a mixture of various non-wheat flours labeled as “gluten free all purpose flour.”

Damn. Now I wish I’d bought some pickles at the store. :slight_smile:

Oh, that’s fine…buttermilk or egg wash can accomplish the same thing…so, how’d they turn out?

Alas, I forgot to let them sit after their dredging to get the crust to adhere and it slipped off like a sorority girl’s panties the minute I cut into them.

That said, they were delicious. I had four quite thin and small chops, cutlets really, and I only wound up sending two of them to the buttermilk and cornbread spa. The other two went straight into the pan in what oil remained after I fried some okra. The brine I had used, simple and improvised though it was, did wonders for their flavor.