Fried pork-wrapped garlic?

Ninton Boru? Anyone heard of this dish?

I’m looking for a recipe.

I’ve never heard of it, but I’m drooling thinking about it…

You and me both.

I just ran across a mention of it tonight in a blog and was surprised the recipe isn’t online. Help us, Dopers!

You could make a pork version of Nua Sawan (Thai Beef Jerky) substituting very thin pork steaks. Prepare as directed and enclose a sweet roasted garlic clove inside the pliable dried meat making a purse. Tie with something substantial (you might need some butchers twine) in a beggers pouch and deep fry until the meat is crispy. Serve with a dipping sauce of consisting of soy, a touch of nam pla, and some sweet chile paste.

That sounds pretty good, devilsknew. Still, this is mainly a bump.

Has anyone got the March 2005 issue of Saveur magazine? jsgoddess, any ideas - is this Japanese, Vietnamese, Hunan, Korean or Thai? Is this blog the only thing you know about it?

Yep, hawthorne, that’s the blog and the only thing I know. I don’t have any guesses as to nationality of the dish.

Weird that it doesn’t seem to be talked about anywhere. I’d send an email to the blogger but it looks like he’s having some sort of bad stuff happening and probably doesn’t want to talk food!