Friedo and the Case of the Immoral Doorholder

I would just like to bump this terribly old thread to announce that my foot is now fully healed and I have a totally kickass scar.

Too bad it’s on my foot though; makes it difficult to show off.

Super, friedo. Scars-in-normally-clothed areas do have their advantages, though; for reference see that one movie with Bruce Willis.

I got the message in my e-mail and I thought it said “Immortal”, again. You should write an immortal doorholder story.

If you don’t know, be glad.

(And if anyone asks you if the colors lime green and pink go together, the answer is no.)

Just the other day I read an obit about a woman who joked that she put herself through college by going to the beach in a swimsuit and offering to show her birthmark to men. She’d say; “I have a birthmark you can’t see right now, but I’ll show it to you for $5.”

It was on the bottom of her foot.

How the freak did you forget your socks?