friedo, I'm closing in on you!

In this post, friedo writes:

Well, you’ve still got one layer on me if that text-adventure game counts, but you have provoked the competitive nature of another emulator-geek and therefore here is a WallStreet PowerBook running MacOS X running Windows NT Server (in VirtualPC) running Mac System 7 (in Basilisk II) running Mac System 6 (in vMac) running Apple II ProDos (in II-in-a-Mac).

That’s nearly as many layers as you had, and every one of mine is doing a complete CPU emulation (what you’ve got here is a G4 pretending to be a Pentium II pretending to be a 68040 pretending to be a 68000 pretending to be a MOS 6502).


Heh. That’s just as geeky as it is impressive. Well done. :smiley:

Well, if ya gotta have a goal… this is one.

Could be worse.