Friend needs assistance in finding life direction

My friend is having a pre-mid-life crisis. She wants to return to college
but can’t settle on a direction.

Her main interest is to travel & especially live in other countries,

She is an excellent writer w/lots of material & a vivid imagination.
Her present interests for possible majors are writing/teaching English and
business management. Her goal is to find a stable job in a consistently high-demand field making around $15/hr.

She’s a hard worker- but does not best attention to detail &
doesn’t focus or multi-task well due to some learning disabilities.
She can’t stand repetitive tasks but has an excellent memory.

She’d love to be around geeks all day because
she’s passionate about them. She loves computer games to the
point of making them a replacement life experience for her.
She’s also passionate about nature and spirituality and natural

What resources would you suggest to help her choose educational and vocational paths? Does this array of abilities and interests seem suited to any particular choices? Thanks.

Well, could she study English writing/ESL and teach English in a foreign country? That would satisfy some of her interests. Of course, teaching does come with its share of repetitive tasks (like grading), but most jobs do.