Friend Of Cecil

Just renewed my membership, wondered about the option to be a “Friend Of Cecil.” I went ahead and did it since Cece and Me go all the way back to his first book. But… what is it?

I dunno, since mine should be “Ed doesn’t much like me.”

“Friend of Cecil” is for those who wish to donate funds to the SDMB.

See this thread for details:

In the small print it says it means that Cecil is allowed to sleep on your couch.

Cecil has only six friends. Paying tribute will not get you into our august circle.

Doesn’t do much for you in June.

It’s a bunch of paper pages with words on them, bound together with covers. But that’s not important right now.

“Friend of Cecil” is a way to donate beyond being a Member. For years people said they wanted to do more if they could and with Friend of Cecil you can.

Sorry if that’s not been more clear, though reading these comments is most entertaining. :smiley:

The listing is not very large because most people who donate are already Members or Charter Members and wish to keep their current or Custom title. (We give you a custom title for your contribution if you like, it’s totally optional.) And some people prefer to give anonymously.

We appreciate everyone who helps keep this place keeping on.

Also hope at some point to give our FOC some other more tangible item of a promotional nature, just haven’t gotten that going pending other things. When I do get that happening we’ll catch up.

your humble TubaDiva

Thanks JTD. It’s what I suspected it is. When can I expect to receive my Certificate?

It’s like “Friend of Dorothy,” but you weren’t born that way.

True friends help you bury the body.

You definitely deserve a certificate of Meritorious Merit. Or something.

I’ll talk to you privately about this. And thanks!

your humble TubaDiva

And I’ve said it before but

The absolute best friends are the ones who help you make the bodies true friends help you bury.

Man, I really feel special.

What do you get for being a friend of Idle Thoughts?

No, that’s called “Friend with Benefits.”

You might get a confusing PM regarding his/her gender on the first day of a particular month.


For some reason I am flashing back to most of the necrophilia references The Master made. :wink:

Being a friend of Cecil entitles you to receive acknowledgment of your existence for 5 seconds.

Best friends get 10.

That’s not true; you lie.