Friends, Dopers, Linux users, lend me your links!

I am going to be wiping my hard drives this weekend and doing a dual install of Windows XP and Ubuntu on both my desktop and laptop. The idea is to eventually get rid of Windows all together.

What links can the collective suggest that will make my migration go easier?

When I installed Linux on my Inspiron 1501 (dual-boot), I found this link very helpful. And remember to give yourself plenty of swap space.

Good luck!

What do you run on the Windows side, games, or just productivity apps?

Install windows FIRST. You can do it the other way around, but trust me, you don’t want to. Just leave the disk space for linux unpartitioned. Linux will partition it to what it needs when it installs.

Most recent versions of linux I have put onto laptops have been fairly straightforward. I’ve had difficulty getting wireless interfaces to work, but everything else usually does fine. You may have to do some cryptic file editing to get the video to work properly, but usually not.