Friends - Monica question

I seem to remember a Friends episode where they made reference to Monica Gellar going to a Bruce Springsteen concert and getting up on stage and getting to dance with Bruce Springsteen. This was of course playing on Courtney Cox’s early acting career where she in a music video and this happened.

Did that happen on friends? Or am I creating false memories?

I saw them reference it on COUGAR TOWN.

I don’t remember them ever referencing it on Friends. Chandler said he jumped up on stage at a Wham! concert.

That could be what I’m thinking about. I watched that for the first couple of seasons.

It was on Cougar Town, but not, I don’t think, within the first couple of seasons. And the joke was that several of the characters had appeared in music videos (while in reality the actors portraying them had done so).

Some Friends trivia–Courtney Cox was the only one of the 6 main cast members to never be nominated for an Emmy for that show. Pity, since I thought she was always good with her character. Also, the only two winners were the two other women–Lisa Kudrow and Jennifer Aniston–and each won the year their respective characters were pregnant.

I can’t believe he let George Michael slap him!

Yeah, I don’t know how many seasons I watched. Two seasons would be the minimum. I think the last year I watched was around the time Courtney Cox’s ‘son’ was about to get into a relationship with the young blonde woman. The next time I caught part of a show, I think Courtney Cox’s character had married Grayson, and the son was definitely with the hot blonde.

The only reference to Springsteen I recall is this exchange:

Monica: Honey? Why is the Bruce Springsteen CD in the Cat Stevens case?
Chandler: Let’s just say if I can’t find the right CD case, I just put them in the nearest one.

That, by the way, would drive me nuts! :wink:

I thought your were perhaps misremembering the episode where they went to a Hootie and the Blowfish concert and , IIRC, they got to go backstage and party with the band, but I see that your had the correct memory, wrong show.

I never could understand why they picked CC for that video. She wasn’t exactly looking her best with that stupid haircut, nor like a typical teen (or whatever age group she belonged to). She had no charisma and she sure as heck couldn’t dance. Don’t get me wrong, I like her well enough now but back then (including the Family Ties years ) not so much.

Phoebe: Is that a hickey on your neck?
Monica: That would be the work of a blowfish

The Courtney Cox/Springsteen reveal was season 1, in the finale. The Grayson being in an Alanis Morissette video wasn’t until season 4.

The Cougar Town scene in question.

BTW I love Cougar Town, it doesn’t seem like my type of show but the cast and humor is great, reminds me a bit of Seinfeld. Plus it has 2 Drew Carey Show alumni.

Wow. When that video came out around 1984, I was around 22 years old. You can definitely put me in the camp that thought Courteney Cox was crazy hot in that video. I just rewatched the video… yep still hot. :rolleyes:

There was also an incident with a blowfish.

What’s that catch-phrase again?

I loved her hair in that video.
Different strokes, etc.
I thought they were going for the girl next door vibe as a contrast to the “supermodel” types in a lot of the videos back then.