Friends reunion coming to NBC

Details still to be worked out - might not be a new “episode,” as such:

It sounds like a tribute for director James Burrows. Plus:

That’ll be tricky to schedule, seeing as how busy most of them are.

A James L. Brooks tribute will be a lot more entertaining than a Friends reunion. Take a lookat some of the shows he’s had a large part in.

The Simpsons
Mary Tyler Moore
The Tracy Ullman Show

Which one? Im bettin they are all free tomorrow if ego allows…

Courtney Cox and Jennifer Aniston are in pretty big demand at the moment, and I can’t say for sure that the other four aren’t.

But they would be free tomorrow

It will be a special about James Burrows who has directed every Sitcom known to man. The casts of Taxi, Cheers, Frasier and a few other shows (I imagine Will & Grace since he directed every episode of that series) are also going to appear.

They could just move the whole set from country to country, as long as they didn’t have more than one or two characters in shot at the same time, or shoot it all on green screen.

It doesn’t appear to be an issue of scheduling or egos. According to the article, it’s an unwillingness to appear in a “reunion stunt”. So it appears they’re all willing to appear together as long it’s done well.

Except that each of them and their agents will think they deserve a bigger paycheck than the others. And you know the rest of that song.

Actually, they were resolutely united in seeking equal pay for all six throughout the entire run of Friends. Both smart and generous. Maybe they’ve gotten greedier, but I doubt it.

Matthew Perry won’t be there in person.

“Matthew may tape something for the tribute.”

Bing’s out.

Hmm. Disappointing, if true. Hope he can be persuaded otherwise.

If it’s not some kind of story showing how the characters have “grown,” I’m not interested. Sorry, Phoebe.

Agreed, I’m not all that interested in seeing the actors get together and just reminisce on stage. A TV special were the cast reunite in character is a different story; that I wanna see. That seldom happens on this side of the Atlantic though.

Got to agree. Watching a bunch of actors get together so they can say how much fun it was working with a particular director is about as uninteresting as it gets. I’m happy you had fun, but I bet you don’t want to hear about my awesome bosses either, Courtney.

Here’s a pic of all but Perry with some of the Big Bang Theory cast at the Burrows tribute:

Maybe they can get Miss Chanandler Bong to sub for him.