Seattle living is tough. No one really talks with anyone…even though we’re all pretty cool people. So, I’ve tried the friendster thing and it worked. i just got back from a very cool Elvis tribute party with a bunch of people that didn’t know each other except that I found them at concerts and pool halls. I love it. Any one else use this thing?

It’s telling me I have no friends when I go to the gallery. :frowning: I mean I have friends, but none that would do this type of service. Oh well.

It’s also potentially selling your email address to lots of spam artists.

A friend of mine pestered me and pestered me to join, and all I got for it was a zillion more spam messages a day. Thank goodness I used my junk email address.


Did you see the article in the Seattle Times a couple weeks ago? It was like an expanded version of your post.

Started off with a lot of “Seattle is a hard place to meet people - no, it’s really hard in Seattle” then went on to sing the praises of Friendster.

Eh, may have to sign up some day. My friends’ friends are, AFAICT, really strange people. :smiley: