Frisbee Q

Is a firmly thrown frisbee traveling faster than the fastball thrown by a ML Pitcher?

Is there any record on how fast a tossed frisbee can fly?
Has a machine been made to launch them like skeets to increase the speed/distance?

Has the military studied these for ordinance delivery?

According to this site the record is 134 mph. Scroll to the bottom.

The record according to the WFDF is 134 kilometers per hour,
or 83 miles per hour.

That’s nowhere near a ML fastball. And keep in mind it’s a record, so your average person, throwing as hard as they can, is nowhere near that.

Looking at the physics makes it clear that frisbees aren’t going to be very fast – they’re purposely built with a fair amount of drag from the wind (that’s how they get lift), and they’re light enough that they don’t have a lot of momentum to overcome the drag. Just the opposite of a baseball (or bullet).

oops…my bad. It was kph.