Fritz Murnau has Risen from his Grave

Well, his head has, at any rate. And it probably had help.

Yes, someone has stolen the head of the director of Nosferatu. Make of that what you will. The Huffington Post makes of it that it might have ben for “ritual purposes”
What surprises me is that this isn’t the first time this has happened. Apparently the corpse of a noted horror director is irresistible to some people.
Has anyone checked on Bela Lugosi’s tomb lately?

Mausoleums always struck me as a bad idea. They seem like an invitation for certain types of weirdos to mess with the burial site. Even aside from the probably pretty rare problem of people stealing the heads of film directors, I’d think having goth teenagers and the like sneaking in would be something of a liability risk for the cemetery.

Murnau will end up having the Last Laugh.

Weirdorama-IO guess there are always some nuts into this sort of thing. There seems to be a small group of collectors for the skulls of famous people-the pirate Blackbeard’s skull is supposed to be owned by a college fraternity-i wonder how that was acquired.

Not in a mausoleum; buried in the ground like a good Xtian. Nice cenotaph and bust, too!

Don’t worry, this mystery will be cleared up by Sunrise.

I guess its not technically a Mausoleum if its below ground, but I mean a burial that’s accessible by a door, instead of just burying the whole thing. Maybe “tomb” is the word I’m looking for.

Somebody go check New Haven.

You can’t lose what you already gave.

Which is what put him in that tomb in the first place.

F.W. Murnau used to give head?

He was a pledge . . . they don’t always survive Hell Week.