From a Democratic POV, what positives have Republicans done recently?

Interestingly, this sounds a lot like the list of concerns that Justin Trudeau’s government were trying to push in the NAFTA re-negotiations, a list for which Mr. Trudeau has been widely attacked by conservatives in Canada. I guess it’s different when a Republican does it.

But that’s probably where Trump got the idea.

This was actually a Canadian proposal (cite) that got imposed on Mexico late in the game.

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Rats. OK then,“They sorta support prison reform” it is!

Bears Ears National Monument. The issue was that Obama made that proclamation single-handedly, which is absolutely within his power. But he did it at zero hour (December 28, 2016), and so Trump was able to reverse it in the same manner. There was also talk about reducing Katahdin Woods Monument, also controversial, but that didn’t come about.

Just because dingbats like Lee or LePage are opposed does not automatically make it a bad decision. It’s complicated.

His pick for Interior (Zinke) was not as bad as I expected, supporting e.g. grizzly bear restoration against ranchers and others who theoretically have Trump’s ear.

I don’t know any major people who object to Mattis. And the North Korea thing is still playing out, but might end up good.

While I agree with much of what you wrote, you left out the war in Iraq (unless you intended to include that under his response to terrorism). The justification for the war was transparently false to me, a random schmoe, even at the time. Kicking off an unnecessary war based entirely on lies is a pretty big black mark on his legacy. Trump is a racist monster, an authoritarian who sees the Presidency as a revenue stream, a dimwitted laughingstock, and a vindictive bully who uses his power to retaliate for petty personal slights. But he has yet to order the deaths of a few hundred thousand people for no good reason.

But, then, GWB didn’t get around to that till just after his second anniversary in office, so Trump has some time to catch him.

I absolutely agree with Trump on this and I hope he goes through with it.