Say something good about Republicans.

This board is biased against Republicans for various reason. In an effort to be a bit bipartisan I hereby ask our American posters (and anyone else with an opinion) to post something good about Republicans in general or a specific Republican. I’d consider negative comments about either Republicans or Democrats (or anyone else) to be threadshitting.

My husband is an honest, hardworking, loyal man; a good husband and father, and the love of my life. :slight_smile:

They are absolute masters of spin and propaganda. I take my hat off to them in that respect. Sincerely. I wish my side was half as good.
They get the message out and they all mostly stick to the script.
I’m honestly in awe of how good they are at this.

I dunno if ivylass is Republican but she’s definitely conservative, and she’s one of my favorite people ever. She inspires me every day with her positive, can-do attitude, and she’s never been anything but supportive of my professional and personal development despite the fact that in my field that basically means becoming more vocally and actively liberal. One thing that bonds us both together is our feeling that people are more than just their political beliefs. Unfortunately she decided not to post here any more because she was turned off by the nastiness toward conservatives.

My grandparents are Republican and they practically raised me. My Grandma would let nothing stand between her love for me - she was totally not embarrassed to be seen in public with me when I was 19 and had purple hair, and to this day she asks routinely about the welfare of my best friend and her wife despite her personal misgivings about homosexuality. And they are endlessly giving - some would say too much.


They freed the slaves.

Abe Lincoln was a good Republican.
So was Teddy Roosevelt, until they chased him out.
Eisenhower was OK.

They are determined and have party discipline.

Praising individual Republicans for non-political characteristics doesn’t sound very responsive to the question, in my opinion.

In Wyoming they established a truly generous and forward-looking scholarship program/ using a budget surplus derived from mineral severance taxes. And named it after a Democrat!

What say you, An Gadai? Did I violate the spirit of the thread?

Okay, let’s try this. George W. Bush was admirably assertive in his defense of amnesty for immigrants when basically his whole party was pressuring him to cave. If I were a single-issue voter I would have supported G.W. Bush for his stance on immigration.

But now, see, Bush was breaking from the traditional partisan platform on immigration - so is it really a praise based in Republican politics?

Oh, G.W. Bush is also the only administration in decades to create a commission on mental health to address the needs of the mentally ill. His administration also funded a massive project to help the homeless using the ‘‘housing first’’ model developed by one of my professors. They funded his program beyond his wildest dreams.

Research indicates that Republicans are, on the whole, happier and more generous than Democrats.

Am I good now?

They are mammals.

I believe that John McCain is an honest person and a genuine war hero who says what he believes and believes what he says. I wouldn’t have been distressed if he’d won the last presidential election (as long as he was able to serve during his full term(s) - I have to admit that I wasn’t too happy with his VP choice).

…and I’m a dyed-in-the-wool liberal.

It’ll do.

[li]They’re generally pro-business (and even though they fail at free markets, they fail less than Democrats).[/li][li]At the non-national level, most Republicans still try to be fiscally responsible.[/li][li]At the non-national level, most Republicans still try to counter modern “progressivism” (yeah, that’s a good thing).[/li][li]At the non-national level, most Republicans still try to use their reason rather than react to sad kitty stories.[/li][/ul]

This summarizes what I like about some Republicans. Sometimes Democrats are too eager with the hand outs and don’t stop and think about how it will affect the people who aren’t poor. I like it when Republicans oppose those efforts.

The problem with saying nice things about the national Republican party is that most of the things I like about conservatives are not represented within the national party. But I do respect the few Republicans who are wiling to commit to free markets and fiscal responsibility.

My father was a Republican. Of course, that was back before Reagan, when it was still possible to be a “moderate Republican.”

My father’s family were all Republicans back to the founding of the party, and they were about the best people you’d ever want to meet. I’d vote for any of them for office.


Their mascot is an elephant. I like elephants.

I disagree, the OP said “something good”. It did not qualify “something”. I could as easily have said “Gerald Ford smells good”.

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