From Atari 800 to World of Warcraft - who can extrapolate on the Gaming Mind?

From the early Magnavox Odyssey spawned the Atari, Coleco, Intellivision First Gen commercial gaming consoles. Jumping ahead we find Nintendo thru the x-box coming into the home.



In a nutshell, 30 years of gaming at the hands of adolescents and adults. Evolving into super gaming empires now taking over…people making money, superstars like Fatal1ty actually cornering the market.

In cornering the market I mean, these kids are getting so good at gaming they are playing in online tournaments and winning, winning, winning. To what end I ask? Where do the teeming millions think this gaming genre and generation will take this into the future. How far will gaming go? WIll it supercede movies and T.V? Will it be brought into tour schools as learning methodology…how far will it go?

Part of your answer might be found in Beijing. When the Olympics hit, they might have some less-than-traditional events, including video games. Granted, the article is from last year ad I haven’t heard anything else since, then, but the ball is rolling.

A friend and I were discussing this last night–specifically, the future of video games as pertains to older folks. With the introduction of more accessible games and systems like the Wii and World of Warcraft (not to mention the generations that grew up comfortable with video games getting older) we were speculating about how cool it will be for many retirees, who in the past might have been cut off from a lot of human contact (maybe housebound due to infirmities, maybe just don’t have a lot of friends in the area, whatever) to now have this additional outlet to keep them engaged. I predict that as time goes on we’ll have more games like WoW and Second Life–games where you don’t necessarily have to do the traditional “beat things up and get points” activities to enjoy them, and which are based more on social interaction than the ones we have now. I also predict that as technology advances, we’ll see true virtual reality games where people can completely immerse themselves in the game world.

Sure, the fighting and shooting and other traditional games will continue, but I really do see that we’re in the beginning stages of a movement where video games will branch out and become accessible to more and more people who don’t currently play them.