From Kindling to Victoriana

I’ve been working on restoration of a victorian sofa recently. Actually, technically speaking, the work would have to be called repairs. I’m not actually doing a conservator’s historical restoration. Nevertheless, I thought it might be interesting for dopers to see the resurection of an article of furniture that most people would say could never live again.
A conservator’s approach to a project of this sort would be very different, as I have indicated.
In that type of work, each and every process must be done with regard to the artifact’s historical significance, and only authentic techniques could be employed. For example, with a sofa like this, animal hide glues would have to be used, as they were on the original.
I was under no such constraints, so I chose epoxy whenever I could. I will still say that I’m doing a good job, and very few people will know the thing was ever broken.
I’m a few days away from completion, but this photo collage gives some idea of what I began with, and how far I’ve come.

Wonderful work you’re doing, Forbin. Well done – I admire your patience and skill.

Wow…“from kindling” indeed.

That’s impressive, Forbin!

Clamps directly on the wood is a bad thing yanno.

Everything else you did rocks.

The Keno Brothers would be proud of you!

I used to have a huge faux-Victorian sofa (1930s, I think). Gorgeous. I had to sell it to a friend when I moved, as I couldn’t even get it into the front door of my new apartment. I still miss it . . .

Nice work Forbin. Maybe I can send you an old fireplace bellow that has come under a bit of duress.