From the movie Speed

the bus must make a right turn…the concern is the bus might tip over…so they move the passengers to one side of the bus only.

Q. Do you move them to the right side to act as added ballast…to dig in as you go right…or treat it like a raft in rapids where you throw all your weight on the “high side” or the lightside to prevent tipping over?

If this was a hobiecat…I’d say you put your weight on the side most likely to come off the ground…but I swear they moved everyone to the right side???

Which is the correct move, and why?

Did it seem like a strange move to anyone else who saw it?

Q. If you make a sharpe turn to the right…it is the left side that will come off the ground, right?

I wouldn’t let that scene bother you. It’s a movie, an implausible movie, a Keanu Reeves movie… Just trust your common sense.

I mean did you notice how in the Phantom Menace when young Anakin was flying his body would jerk right just after he moved his joystick right? Unless the ships are designed to turn in the direction opposite the joystick Anakin should’ve been flung left in a typical opposite reaction.

Um… No… If you make a very sharp turn to the right, the right side can flip up…


Wrong. A bus is not like a motorcycle; It can’t “lean into” the turn.

When you make a turn while traveling at a high velocity, the center of mass of the bus tend to continue traveling in a straight line. however, the tires do not continue traveling in a straight line, because of friction with the road. Thus, the entire vehicle will experience a tendency to “tip” in the direction it was originally traveling, which will be toward the outside of the turn.

Moving all the people to the side that is on the inside of the turn will help keep the bus’s center of mass over the tires, thus keeping the bus from falling over completely. So, when making a sharp right-hand turn in a bus, moving all the people to the right will indeed help in preventing the bus from tipping over.

Ok…So logic says you do put your weight on the side most likely to come off the ground, by adding more weight to it.

In a right turn…it is the left side that will tip…so they all should have been moved to the drivers…left side of the bus…instead of the right side, as shown in the movie.

You’d think with a 1000 names on the credits…they’d have a person who’d be on top of something like that!

A Continuity person???

Due to high volume on this board…,my last comment was to the first reply…and I stand corrected