From - tv series on Epix

Anyone watch this? I have to tell you, I kind of need to small-spoil a bit to draw people in. The pilot episode, at least from my memory, did not really set up the show as well as it could. Anyway, I think I should point out that:

It’s not just a “vampires attack at night” type show. There is kind of a lot more happening than just that.

I won’t do any real spoilers, though. I just want to say that my wife and I queued the whole thing up and are now watching it. We are about 4 episodes in and honestly, it’s kind of drawing us in more and more as it goes. Color us pleasantly surprised.

Anyone else check this show out? It’s better than its initial episode leads you to believe.

I hate the title on principle - it’s hard to (re)search the word From. I had a similar issue with a favorite show of mine, titled Episodes.

I had a similar problem searching for info on the series ‘You’ on Netlfix awhile back. I found typing this into google works well (don’t forget quotes around ‘You’):

‘You’ series Netflix

I just tried the same with ‘From’ and it also works well:

‘From’ series Epix