From what language does the surname "Hochuli" derive?

There is an NFL referee by the name of Ed Hochuli. His surname is pronounced HOCK - you - lee – almost certainly an Anglicized pronunciation.

Does anyone recognize the name as coming from any particular language? FWIW, the guy is a more-or-less nondescript-looking fellow with dark features.

My best guesses are perhaps Basque or else a Caucasian language. I ruled out Italian based on the initial “h”.

Google is my friend – the name “Hochuli” is Swiss German.

The ending in “-li” made me dismiss German initially, but after googling “Hochuli”, the Swiss company Hochuli turned up, as well as many other Swiss sites. Then names like “Zwingli” came back to mind, and it all clicked.

BTW – is the final “-li” in German names a strong indicator of Swiss ancestry, or not necessarily?

It’s a loooooong shot, but…


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