From whence the wealth of crude humor in recent kids' movies?

Fart jokes, no problem. I love a good fart joke.

Burping, Monsters has a really good one.

The crude ‘humor’ my wife and I can’t stand is in Madagascar and Robots (IIRC): Characters takes a big drink of something, then spew it all over. The girls love that one. Very easy to reproduce. To us it’s more of an annoying flaw than a joke.

No big deal; we’re cool.

I tell my kid that everything he sees on television is fake. That solves 99% of the problems. :slight_smile:

While I have nothing against “gross” humor (my son eagerly reads the Captain Underpants book series, replete with references to pee-pee, snot, fake doggy doo, and a man running around in his BVDs), I think it’s funny when it’s in moderation – when you’re using it all the time, it’s a sign you’re desperate for a laugh because the rest of the story sucks.

And the best animated fart joke ever IMO comes from Finding Nemo (the bit with the two seagulls), because it’s the penultimate **anti-**fart joke… :slight_smile:

And what’s the next one?

I always thought that was the antepenultimate anti-fart joke, but I can never remember the other two. :slight_smile:

I’m glad you’re calm when the shit’s going down.