Frozen Drink Ideas?

It is hotter than hell’s kitchen here, and after wishing people on the Birthday thread frozen raspberry margaritas on their heatwave birthday, I got to thinking…


smack smack :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyone have any great frozen drink recipes they’d like to share?


Panty Droppers

12 shots cheap gin. ((It actually tastes better with cheap gin.))
1 can 5-Alive concentrate.
1 cup Whipped Cream

Mix in a blender until smooth. Add more whipped cream or ice if you want it thicker or smoother.

Really really good frozen drink.

French Vanilla ice cream and Bailys Irish Creme…nice milk shake.

My favorite malt beverage is a chocolate malt. Ice cream, chocolate syrup, milk and malt powder. Yum! :slight_smile:


Haagen-Daaz Tiramisu ice cream with rum and ice. Damn!

mix Fresh or frozen strawberries, coca-cola, lots of ice and rum in a blender. I have no name for it but it’s great.