Frozen instant film? Will it be ok?

So I recently ordered a Fuji Instax 210 camera for my upcoming wedding, plus some extra packs of film.* It didn’t occur to me until today (when the extra film arrived) that it’s pretty cold out there (it took until noon to break zero degrees Fahrenheit where I am today) and that the cold might not be great for the film. Then it arrived, and sure enough, on the box, it says, “Do not freeze.”

I really don’t want to find out on the wedding day that the film is no good or that the pictures will turn out bad, and the film isn’t all that cheap, so if I need to replace the stuff I’ve got I should do it now. What do you folks think? I plan on taking a few trial pictures to make sure the camera works and stuff, but I’ll always wonder about the rest of the film…

*Wedding details for those who care: we’re going to have a table set up at the reception hall at the end of the receiving line for all the guests to have their picture taken and then sign/write a note on the picture, then we’re going to compile them into a scrapbook. Sounded way more fun than just a regular guestbook with 200 people writing “Congratulations!” while still being way less expensive than renting a photo booth.

I wouldn’t worry too much about it, so long as the film packs are at room temperature when you use them. If they’d been subjected to extremely high temps, you’d have more of a problem.

Looking through the data sheets (standard warning: PDF) I see nothing that says ‘do not freeze’; where do you see it?

The “do not freeze” warning was on the outside of the package, not in any other documentation. It didn’t go into any more detail, at least not in English.