Frozen PB&J

I went to Wal-Mart the today, and on my way to the ice cream I noticed a box advertising frozen PB&J sandwhiches with no crust.

I’m a college student. That being said, I often go out of my way to cut corners with EVERYTHING. However, grabbing two pieces of bread, a butter knife, peanut butter, and jelly has not been beyond abilities.

Can somebody explain why this exists??? :confused:

I bought these once for my pre-schooler, when I had a coupon and they were already on sale; under those conditions, a box of four of them cost me about 70 cents. My kid really loved them, and given how most kids feel about the crusts of bread, I guess most kids would like them. They were ultra convenient. Having said that, I would never consider paying anything near full price for them (over $2.00 a box of 4 sandwiches!).

As for why they exist, my WAG is that people will pay for them!

I don’t think that they’re aimed at college students. I’ve met many college students who lived off of frozen food, and they all preferred the pizza and taco variety. If it wasn’t for long weekends spent at home with the parents, I’m sure we would have lost half the class to scurvy.

But to get back on topic, many of my frozen pizza eating acquaintances also enjoyed sex. A lot. Birth control or not, I figure a few of them must have children by now. They’ll be lining up in droves to purchase frozen sandwiches to feed their spawn; assuming they’re not available through delivery.

Man, I think those sound great! I used to love pb&j’s that I’d stuck in the fridge for a few hours.

These sound really heavenly, even if I’m not a big pb&j fan nowadays. That said, I’d freeze my own rather than buy them. I can see them being market-aimed at bachelors, maybe, but I can’t see them going over too well otherwise.

I can’t even see college kids splurging on those. They can’t be all that cheap. That’s why I’m thinking single young guys, possibly girls/women. Somebody that can afford them, and also who has little or no time. Or who hates the kitchen…even for a moment.

These will sell just fine to the people who patronize Domino’s pizza.