Frozen Sour Yogurt and Ice Cream Makers

This is sort of a cross between a GQ and a Cafe Society question but I’ll place it here until the mods see fit to move it.

Last week I had to go out to dinner in Little Tokyo and my friend and I split one of these while we were there. Basically this sour (natural) frozen yogurt has become an LA craze

I haven’t tried the Pinkberry one, mainly because I haven’t been to the Wiltern lately and I refuse to go out to the west side until absolutely necessary…but the Fiore one was pretty damn good, and healthier than the Pinkberry anyway (flavoured with Stevia).

I’ve been googling home made frozen yoghurt recipes so I can duplicate this tangy concoction and a lot of them call for ice cream makers.

a) Is yoghurt going to be subject to the same laws of physics that make ice cream possible using this method? Basically, can I give my yoghurt mixture the texture of a frozen treat using the methods for homemade ice cream without the crank/machine?

b) Anyone have any other ideas? I saw some recipes that said just stick it in the freezer for 2 hours.

c) Does anyone know what the scientific principals behind ice cream makers are anyway? I’d go call my father but I’m just going to get a lecture on why I should have become an engineer and he’s a bit long-winded being cooped up in the house with 3 cats all the time.

d) On the cooking front…many of the recipes call for filtered yoghurt, and it seems like I can just sub in FAGE for that. The thing is that FAGE naturally tastes creamier and less tangy than yoghurt where the whey hasn’t been filtered out. Why are they calling for the whey to be filtered out? Because it will freeze as ice crystals and ruin the texture?

I’m curious if it can be done without purchasing an ice cream maker. Oh, and you Angelenos ought to try out this treat.