Frucking neighbor's tree and ice

Yesterday through last night we got around an inch and a half of ice/sleet/wet snow. I woke up this morning to this .

That is not just a tree. It is a tree with some kind of mutant thorny vine completely intertwined throughout. It took an hour and a half to clear enough to get my truck out of the garage.

And, it is not even my tree. It is on my neighbors property-an empty house. The house has been standing empty since I moved in, 3+ years ago. Some guy and his wife come during the summer and mow, but they don’t do anything with the trees. They also don’t do anything about the sump pump discharge that floods my garage.

Now my pants are wet and I missed my appointment with the accountant. Fuck!

If no one is there, chop that motherfucker down!

What, further down? :smiley:

Yeah, I figure if it lands in my driveway, I can hack the fucker up and get rid of it. Hell, I had to hack it up just to get out of the driveway.

Now-do I dump tree shrapnel in their yard, or be good rent a wood chipper?

Rent the wood chipper, take lots of video, and sue the absent owner on Judge Judy for the costs incurred getting out today.

Re your appointment, your pickup truck / SUV couldn’t get around the far end of the tree? Might be an optical illusion but it looks like you should have easily been able to drive over or around the top section.

You can’t see it in the photo, but the fence for my back yard is about three feet from the top of the tree. Would have really sucked if the tree took out my fence.

Years ago my grandfather had a neighbor’s tree fall in his yard and cause some damage. The city told him that he now owned the tree, apparently in compensation :eek: Aren’t blue laws grand?

I always understood “blue laws” to concern things like businesses closing and limited liquor sales on Sundays. Is there another use I was unaware of?

I wouldn’t spend a dime disposing of that tree. I’d toss that fucker right into their yard and be done with it.