Fruit Juice vs. Cut Fruits

Yep, I am pretty sure this is how they prepare the juice (they put the fruits in a normal looking blender and there don’t seem to be any filtering).

But as cut fruits are way cheaper than fruit juice, I may consider just getting the fruits next time (the juice costs 2x more!)

Not true - you can get at least papaya. Look in the “Hispanic foods aisle”, it’s usually in a can and called “papaya nectar”. I’ve a seen a lot of fruit “nectars” in ethnic food aisles outside of the usual orange juice.

Of course, that stuff isn’t nearly as healthy as putting a papaya in a blender yourself. Which is definitely a way to may drinkable fruit yourself.

It’s puree if you blend the fruit not juice. Your eating all of the fruit without chewing, so why do you think there would be a difference in nutritional content? the fiber would even be the same.

Lowers probability of colon cancer. Vitamins and minerals have already been mentioned. There’s also some proteins; generally not much although beans are a proteiny veggie, and for example green beans combine high fiber with high protein.

Excuse me while I move this soapbox into place…

Many people think that having a multivitamin is the same as “eating healthy.” It’s not. They say “oh, but if I just pop my Big Healthy Pill, I don’t need to worry about my veggies, right?” Oh, so, wrong.

First, we do need fiber.

Second, if you’re not eating veggies and fruits you’re likely to be overeating other less healthy stuff. Popping your Big Healthy Pill doesn’t magically make that Big Mac good for you.

Third, the composition labels in many of those multivitamins make me want to scream. Their minerals are water-soluble sats, but often the combinations of two of those salts are insolluble. You have a salt AB (solluble) and another CD (solluble), but once it’s in a glass or in your mouth the ions produced when those two salts dissolve don’t have a label saying “A which goes with B”: if AD is insolluble you’ll be eating AD pebbles :p. Oh, and if any of the salts is a carbonate then yeah, your Big Healthy Pill will make you gassy.

It’s a bit of an exaggeration and one of the interesting properties of the digestive tract is that it has pH extremes, but a lot of times the salts chosen produce several combinations which are insolluble at all pHs. Expensive pebbles.


Just want to check my assumptions.

Thinking process:

  1. Ease of digestion (esp. for people who like to eat too fast)
  2. Some juice-mix has additional content, like milk, which makes it a more pleasant experience
  3. Effects of mixing 2 different types of fruit together in a juice as opposed to eating them one after the other?
  1. As your mom would tell you, don’t eat so fast. Slow down and enjoy your food.
  2. If your fruit juice contains anything other than juice (even milk) all bets are off nutrition-wise. You can’t then make any comparison to whole fruit.
  3. I don’t think there’s any effect from eating two fruits together.

And another thing. When you talk about the price of fruit juice vs “cut fruit” are you referring to whole fruit that you’ve cut up yourself, or the packaged cut fruit they sell in the supermarket? Because it’s a lot cheaper to buy whole fruit than it is to get the stuff that’s already been sliced up.

Yes. In fact real OJ with pulp has about 2 gr of (very good) fiber per 8oz serving. If we are talking :*1. Fresh cut fruits *as opposed to
2. Fresh cut fruits put into a blender and drank within 10 minutes
then there’s little difference. If drinking it makes you get more fresh FOOD into your diet, then I say- go for it!

But in general, juice doesn’t cut it- For example- clear apple juice is more or less sugar water, whereas apples have pectin and other fiber.

But in th eend, yes- whole fruit smoothies are fine.