Salad or Juice what's the deal?

So, after years and years of wanting, I finally got my juicer. I got

I love it, love it, love it, love it!

It does exactly what it’s supposed to do and it does it well. I use it once a day to make myself a really big glass of fresh juice.

I’m confused about something though.

I like salad. I eat a lot of salad. But, recently it has become more difficult for me because I have a hard time chewing hard veggies. I don’t want to eat a warm salad. So, I’m drinking my salads now. The benefit is that when I drink it, I have no need or desire for dressing or random toppings so it becomes much much healthier.

But, I eat just as much in my salad as I drink in my juice.

So, why is it that drinking my salad is so much more filling than eating it?

For instance, the juice I had today:

1 bunch of grapes
2 small apples
1 medium tomato
1 cucumber
1 squash
1 small red pepper

I have eaten much much larger salads and was still hungry (and these generally had fattening dressings on them).

After drinking my juice I was incredibly full and have no desire to even go near the kitchen.

What’s the deal?

You’re able to digest fresh juice much faster than a salad. From what I’ve been told, power juicers eliminate cellulose which allows the remaining fruit/veggie liquid to pass right through the stomach and be absorbed within minutes. That’s probably why you felt so full right after finishing the juice.
Normally, the digestive system would have to break the salad down into a liquid nutrient mass small enough to travel into the bloodstream. Drinking juice gives you an almost instant boost and conserves your body’s energy.

Wow. I understood that. Thanks.

Now I just need to figure out what to do with all the leftover stuff (pulp? skin? fibrous looking stuff). It seems such a shame to waste it. I can imagine it making great muffins or bread.

I just realized that I have another question.
So, when I eat a cucumber, I eat everything except the ends. I never peel them. I’m getting the nutrients from the flesh and the skin. I do this with most fruit and veg.

When I juice, the power juicer gets so much juice from the flesh (and I’m assuming some from the skin since it’s not all dry and shriveled). The claims are that juicing is so nutritious and that a power juicer saves those nutrients where a crappy juicer can’t extract them all.

But, what am I losing from all the stuff that still goes out the other end of the juicer? I know some people throw it out (me, for the moment, being one of them). If I use the leftovers, am I just getting a flavor boost or is there a significant amount of healthiness left in there. I can’t imagine that the power juicer extracts all the nutritional benefits.

Compost for a garden/flower bed?

You lose a lot of the fiber when you juice, so using the leftovers in cooking would give you that back. Fiber is part of what helps keep you feeling full, so while you feel full right after drinking the juice, you might not stay full as long as you would if you ate the salad.

Wow, I coulda had a V8

And helps you poop well and regularly.

Just scanning down through the thread I keep thinking ’ Have you tried gaspacho?’.