Frustrated with Earthlink

My home DSL connection went out on Friday morning. One minute it was fine, the next I got the username/password screen generated by the DSL modem itself. The phone line works fine and the DSL light on the modem is lit, but the Internet light is off. Resetting the modem didn’t fix it, nor did rebooting.

I didn’t call it in until Saturday because I had to go to work, then went out afterwards and didn’t get home till 10:45. Also, this had happened once before and it was a network outage that was fixed by the time I got home.

This time, the service rep claimed the network was fine, but he couldn’t fix the problem and escalated it to the next level.

But all I keep getting when I call that number is a robot voice which claims my trouble ticket is being worked on and to call back in eight hours if they haven’t contacted me first. I don’t think anybody’s done bugger-all, and I’m beginning to doubt I’ll ever get my internet access back. :mad: :mad:

So I take it you’re not posting this from home then? I always get a kick out of people posting saying they have no internet. It always have me wondering “well then how the hell are you posting?” It’s like the call I got from my mother one time with her telling me she thought her phone had died. I mentioned that she was calling me from it and got a “oh…I guess it’s working now”. I laughed so hard I though I was going to pass out. But yeah, best of luck to you with the Earthlink thing, I’ve not heard the best things about them.


ayup, lots of non-home places to post from nowadays. Pretty sure the problem is not at my end and there’s a thread at where other people in the DC area are reporting similar issues even though EL’s network status page claims no outages.