Fuck Apple

I updated my iPhone’s music app, and poof!, all my music is gone. Okay, not GONE gone, it’s just sitting somewhere quietly on iTunes. All I have to do is download it. Again.

Listen, fuckers. I live in a 3rd world country where WiFi is not ubiquitous, and mobile data costs a fucking ton. I can’t use my company’s WiFi because all Apple access has been blocked. Gee, I wonder why.


Time to switch to Samsung.

Can you not plug your iPhone into your PC, download the music to your PC, and then load it onto the phone that way?

I don’t use iTunes, but that’s how I put music on my Android phone, anyway.

Nope, all things Apple is/are (which is it?) blocked during working hours. If I want to download/update/sync I have to wait till after hours.

I heartily approve any pitting of apple. Their tactics to lock in their customers and make them pay a premium after they are locked in is abhorrent. Their treatment of the American consumer and American market is disgraceful.

I believe Smapti’s suggestion refers to using your personal computer (the one in your home) as the backup for the tunes in your phone. The idea is to download them to the computer once, maybe also to a secondary external hard disk, and when the phone spazzes you reload it from your local copy. It’s what he does and what I do, but we don’t use iThings so I don’t know how well that would work. ISTR some people have had DRM problems doing that, don’t know if that kind of problem still exists.

I hear you (sorry Smapti, misunderstood you). I could also wait till I get home tonight and use my wife’s WiFi and download directly from iTunes onto my phone. I guess my point is that it’s just fucking annoying. I was looking forward to listening to Rodriguez today.

Sounds like your complaint is really with an employer who has barred you from all thing Apple, while you’re at work!

Or maybe an employee who thinks he should be able to do his music management while on the job, is the employer’s real problem?

No, their problem is with Apple deleting their stuff off their phone. You know, what they said in their OP.

But you keep on doing your thing and dig for reasons to have contempt for people.

:smiley: I’m going to give elbows the benefit of the doubt and say he meant that in jest. I think. Surely?


I think it was performance art, along the lines of “look how i can pretend to be an enourmous tool!”

I heartily agree with many of the fucktastic things that Apple has been doing in the last couple of years to try to force users onto the iCloud and use only their music services and so forth. Unfortunately, my experience with Android phones has been even worse in terms of stability and functionality. So, you get the choice between slick-looking evil and ostensibly freedom-loving incompetence. Kind of like an election, actually.

Now, when it comes to OS X vs Windows…it’s still painful. Everytime Apple updates versions on OS X it breaks all of my special Python and compiler installations and dev environments because they want me to only use their Xcode IDE. On the other hand, Windows is a vile perversion of an operating system in pretty much every conceivable fashion, and if I didn’t have certain tools that only work on Windows I would campaign to get rid of my work PC.

Computers are awful. Except that they are implicit in nearly everything I do. Let’s face it; a human being is a computer’s way of making another computer. At this point in our evolution we’re just gamates for computers. They’ve already taken over, and are trying desperately to figure out how to engineer mechanical devices to replicate themselves which don’t spit coffee on the monitor or get crumbs in the keyboard. Once they figure that out, humanity is burnt toast.


South Africa is “Third World”? :confused:

I’d be swell if they entered the 21st century and allowed the PATH variable to be above 2k…

“Hey, how come program X and Y no longer work since I installed Y?”
“Because your PATH statement is now 2.5kb and it can’t read it properly. Here, I’ll help you edit it.”

Windows 11: Still based on DOS 3.0.

What software still uses the PATH variable? That’s some legit 80s shit right there.

It’s ironic that you’re calling out Windows as old for not supporting antediluvian environment variables more robustly. They shouldn’t be supporting them at all.

By definition.

I have a lot of their stock and none of their products.

Modern software development and database packages. Call them out, not me.

iTunes dropped the DRM on their music years ago.

OP I endorse your Pit. My downloaded music library - the content that I copied over from CDs that I own - disappeared 1 or 2 updates ago. I can’t find a way to get the content back without moving it all over again (thousands of songs, GB of data).

iTunes will also tell me that I must use their “cloud” version of songs that I purchased from Apple and specifically downloaded to my device. I try to play the song and get a message that I must connect to WiFi or authorize data downloads on my mobile device. Fuckers. The song is already on my phone you gods-be-damned bastards.

I will not buy music from Apple in future. I have switched to Amazon music. A few learning curves, but so far they have not bent me over and laughed as they had their way with me, while rifling through my wallet.

Fuck Apple.

I’m a dedicated lifelong Apple fanboy. But iTunes is a gigantic piece of shit and always has been. And the relentless annoyances to use Apple’s cloud products are a fucking nightmare. I think I had to specifically reject or turn off five different things when I set up my new iPhone SE last week.

(Brag: I got a iPhone SE and it’s AWESOME!!!111)
I might have Stockholm syndrome.