Fuck Bill Gates!!!!

Trying to save a file I’d been working for the last two fiucking weeks, I hit “Save” (or so I thought) and the file disappoeared. Thinking I might have accidentally saved it as something else, I checked EVERY file I’d worked on today, yesterday, and the last two weeks–it didn’t turn up. The only things I could find were a shortcut (to the now non-existent file) and the record of it on my “recent files” entry–but no FILE!!!

This isn’t a cry for help–I had a friend come down and waste two fucking hours looking for the missing file–but a curse on the descendants of a man who invented a system that makes this possible. HOW IS IT FUCKING POSSIBLE to permenenty delete a file I was trying to save, when this fucking shitforbrains has made it impossible for me to scratch my fucking ass at the computer without a redundant message popping up asking me “Are you Sure you want to Scratch your ass?” and when I check off “YES” asks me “Are you sure you want to scratch your ass in that exact spot?” and when I click “Yes” asks me “Are you sure you want to scratch your ass for as long as that?” and so on, but when It comes to DELETING A FILE FROM THE COMPUTER PERMANENTLY lets me do it without so much as a by-your-leave!!!

May this man boil in garlicked oil for all eternity!

So Bill Gates came into your house and clicked on save instead of delete?

Makes no sense. Even if you didn’t hit “Save”, you should still have the version of the file from your previous session.

At work (today) we are losing e-mails from outlook. we are not clicking anything. They are just disappearing. (from the inbox)


Mmmmmm, garlicked oil…

I agree that Bill Gates can get fucked, but as for the rest of it… um, yeah. Also, if your friend actually spent 2 hours “looking” for the file, his/her heart might be in the right place, but they don’t know much about computers. 5 minutes is all it should have taken to determine if the file was present and/or salvagable.

Instead of cursing the darkness, light a single candle. Or two. Write your own OS, market it, get rich and put Microsoft out of business. Make the OS completely idiot proof and make certain it has no security flaws at all. Write plenty of applications for your OS and make certain they all work well together.
In a year’s time, you will be rich beyond the dreams of avarice. Then Bill Gates can write messages that start off by saying “Fuck whoever.”

Can’t you run Norton and retrieve it? (presupposed that you haven’t written a bunch more stuff to the hard drive since then).

Well, that will teach you to make some back up files of important documents. I feel for your loss but really don’t you think you have some responsibility to make sure important stuff is backed up, printed out, etc?

What version of MS office are you working on? There should be automatic back ups, if it’s XP (and maybe 2000) you should be able to restore to previous settings.

2 hours to look for a file? Did s/he look under the carpet?

The ‘search’ command in the explorer gui is mysterious and arcane; Mere mortals should instead delete some stuff from \Winnt\System32, and wonder the system ‘just stopped working’!

You are under the impression that this machine the world calls a “PC” should do everything for you and do it flawlessly, up to and including scratch your ass. See that’s where you’re wrong. PCs can get borked for no apparent reason and you should have known better.

Save early and often.

Oh, and someone who spends 2 hours searching for a file probably isn’t going to locate said file unless it’s labelled THIS IS THE ACCIDENTALLY DELETED FILE THAT WAS MEANT TO BE SAVED.


pseudotriton ruber ruber,

Usually I’d agree with you but this time it is all your own fault. There is a wonderful idea called “BACK-UP” of data files. You didn’t back up your file even though you knew, or should have known, that you were using an unstable OS. There are these wonderful things called CDs or floppy disks that you can copy important files onto. The more important the file the more copies you make. If the computer you are using blows up you can recreate the file off a back up disk on another computer.

From your post you stated that you worked on the file for two weeks without backing the file up. It isn’t Gates fault. It is yours. Backing up files is a standard thing these days.


There are two types of computer users: those who have lost data, and those who will.

Welcome to the club.

Can’t you guys be nicer to the OP? Clearly, he was Effectorised by Evil Warlord Gates atop his Fortress Of Evil. We must gather our forces and march upon the Evil One and topple his Empire, so then we will all be free - FREE, I tell you! - to have nobody to blame when we screw up!

I had something similar happen a few years ago and I damn well know it wasn’t my fault. It was a non-MS program though (Word Perfect).

I was working on my home computer on a paper for school and I saved the file onto my hard drive several times in different drafts. I do this because sometimes I’ll get halfway through a paper and decide I want to change my approach, and instead of starting from scratch I can just pull up the earlier file. I also had the file saved to a floppy with multiple versions because I had been working on it at school. I’d say five drafts all together between the floppy and computer with the final version on both.

So I head down to school to print the paper (I didn’t have a printer at the time) and I find that none of the saves on the disk would work. Oh, the file was there when you pulled up a list of saves, but whenever you tried to access it it said there was an error. So, now freaking out, I run home and check on my computer. With the exception of the earliest draft (maybe three paragraphs into a ten page paper) I had the exact same problem I had with the floppy. I have no idea what happened, but I saved early and often and with multiple files and I was still screwed. I stayed up all night rushing on a paper that had taken me over a week to write the first time.

I never had that problem before, and never since. Well at least until the whole computer went kablooey, but that was two years later.

Why doesn’t the evil bill do that?

why dont you just go into DOS and retrieve the file from there?? It isnt all that hard to do, maybe 5 mins worth of work to open the Dos Shell and run the command prompts.