Fuck FEMA? Yeah, maybe.

Love me some FML. Read this one, and had to post in here. Is FEMA really Making recipients of emergency funds after Katrina fully repay them or face debt collection?

Apparently so.

So, fuck you FEMA.

From your second link:

So what am I missing? It seems we’re talking about things like FEMA paying a person who also got an insurance reimbursement. Forgive my lack of comprehension – why shouldn’t FEMA recoup its payment in situations like that?

Kind of a simplistic intepretation. No offense intended. You file a claim for the total loss of your home and all contents. Let’s say your 200,000 policy pays you 125,000.

FEMA gives you $ 75,000. You now have enough to rebuild and obtain new appliances and other household necessities that go beyond sheet rock, cement and lumber.

FEMA comes along now and says, fuck ya pally. The insurance company settled. You got your money. Give back what we gave to you.

I do not see the $ 75K from FEMA as insurance fraud or double dipping or anything else. The Insurance industry took such a hit after Katrina that there was fear that they would simply default.


No offense taken – I was just trying to figure out what was actually happening here. In the situation you describe, I agree completely that FEMA should simply suck it up. But if there are cases where someone lost a $200,000 home, insurance pays them $175K, and FEMA pays them $75K, then I have no heartburn with FEMA asking for $50K back.

No idea if there are any such cases or if they are all along the lines of what you describe… but if they are as you lay out, then I’m right there with you.