FUCK!! I think I've hurt my hand and I have to perform (guitar) in less than a week!

OK, I’m in a bit of a panic right now. I’m playing the lead part in Steve Reich’s Electric Counterpoint and I may have worked my hand too hard practicing last night, because last night and all day today I have felt a sensitivity in my hand (palm, pinky side) and in my elbow. I may have really done some damage and I’m not sure what to do.
The performance date is set for Wed. and there are 14 other musicians and a conducter counting on me and I’m really fucking angry at my own stupidy for working my hand that much last night. I should have known my limitations and I can’t even find a scapegoat to kick because it’s my own stupid fault.

Anyone know how to make a hand better really quickly? please?

Well… sounds like you may have pinched your median nerve.
I would suggest shortening your guitar strap and make sure you arent bending your wrist to much.
Good Luck on the gig.

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