Fuck North Dakota.


The dammed place is empty!!

Ain’t nobody there, dammit!

2 Senators, public highways, Federal money spent, and nobody lives there except two stray dogs with the mange and a peddler of Lithuanian dirty postcards, one Egbert by name.

I’d say, send Mike Tyson into North Dakota, to depopulate it with his bare hands, but his entry into the State would double the population.

Who’s responsible for this?

I been there. Wanted to see Custer’s Last Stand, Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse. I also saw the Prairie Dog National Monument. Now, as to which actual states hosted these various attractions, I couldn’t say, because they all sorta blended in.

Hmmm…I know I read something about joke threads in the pit…now where was it…

If ya hate me, just say it Bosda. You pretty much just said neither I nor tripler exist.

BTW, Wyoming has a smaller population. Study, man, STUDY! Idiot.

Yeah, but North Dakota actually exists. Can’t say the same for Wyomiing. Can you?

I thought it was called Fargo North Dakota. I think you should check your spelling.

Sounds like a personal problem, Bosda. With all due respect to Egbert and the dogs, I ain’t even movin’ this one.