Fuck off North Korea

I’m really tired of the United States kissing your crazy asses. Let your good buddies in Russia and China and South Korea deal with you. How long has this been going on now? 5 years at least.

If I was the US government I would let them, and then watch Russia, China and South Korea shit their pants. I was really willing to give the six nation talks a chance but this is just beyond stupid now. I don’t blame Japan in this complete disaster, They are probably saying WTF also.

No more food aid. No more heavy crude oil. Stop sucking off North Korea. Please.

Yeah, I’m still waiting for the day we call them on their shit and say that we cannot continue to talk with a regime that has proven itself incapable of negotiating in good faith.

In other words, they’re a bunch of fucking liars who can’t be trusted and we’re no longer going to act like they’re not.

But that probably isn’t going to happen anytime soon.

You sound just like the Bushies back in 2000. How’d that work out for them? :wink:

So what are you going to do? Nuke them and kill 100,000 in Seoul?

Talk to your Idiot in Chief. He made the decision to put the American military in a position where we can’t bully anybody other than a few insurgents in Iraq.

As Iran has shown, now that the US military is bogged down in Iraq and we’re playing whack-a-mole in Afghanistan and Pakistan anybody with any cards can thumb their nose at the US. The strategic stupidity of the current administration is beyond belief.

I agree the neighboring countries can deal with them, because they are not going to let them get out of hand. They’ve been paying the blackmail for decades, without us.

I noticed the wink and that is fair. I’m hardly a fan of Bush but sometimes a country has got to say enough. This BS has gone on way to long. Russia has enough money to sail a fleet to South America and China can afford the Ice Palace but yet they can’t afford to feed their neighbor and ally. Enough.

Understand something. In this world all starvation is political.

Bush did what he had to do. North Korea was trying to extract concessions, he refused. The entire North Korea gig is nothing more than a very dramatic use of long-running diplomatic bargaining. And that’s all.

Seoul is in South Korea.

Yes, but NK has a lot of weapons aimed right at Seoul. Any aggression at NK, and they will destroy Seoul with artillery and missile strikes.

Sure, but now kim ill dong, or whatever the hell his name is, verifiably has the means to turn the city into “a sea of nuclear fire.” He didn’t have that the last time we went down this path.

If it doens’t blow up before it gets off the ground, that is.

I agree with the OP…fuck Jong-Il. I honestly feel bad for NK’s populace that suffers famine so Kim can have a shiny military, but fuck their “dear leader” and his crazy communist, isolationist bullshit.

We should ignore them diplomatically. If they attack any of our allies in the region, we’ll fucking destroy them. We may be in a bind militarily, but we still have tens of thousands of troops stationed there, and the North’s military is for shit.


As for 100,000 people dead in Seoul; I find that a low number. There are around 10 million people living in/around Seoul (a quarter of the population of the entire country). Should the DRK go nuts, I’d think a lot more than 100,000 lives would be lost.

Fuck you yourself, hypocrite.

Yes, North Korea is a dictatorship more concerned with buying arms than feeding its own people. There are half a dozen similar dictatorships around the world the US has no problem dealing with, because the US makes a lot of money selling weapons, and doesn’t care how many natives starve.

Yes, it would be better for the natives and the neighbors and the rest of the world if the leader of a country owning nuclear weapons wasn’t a crazy madman. But then, you didn’t get rid of Shrub even after he started an unprovoked attack on Iraq, so we’ll have to live with a danger of war anyway.

Now, I understand that it gives you wet dreams to either attack North Korea and blow it to ground, like you attacked Afghanistan and Iraq. But the North Koreans were smarter than Hussein - they knew that proclamations of friendship by the US aren’t worth anything, so they went and armed themselves with nuclear weapons, so an attack would be risky. And all other countries whoe are not US have learned from the current fire-breathing, religious mad administration that the US will attack any country they dislike (like Iraq) if it’s geostrategically important, but will deal with countries that are armed (like North Korea). Congratulations, you sent out the clear, unequivocal message to every other country to arm itself with nuclear weapons as protections against your imperialistic intentions. No wonder Iran is trying to get some - if I were in their shoes, I would want to protect my country, too, given the fire-breathing against them that Shrub has done, they know they’re next on the list.

As for ignoring them: wasn’t that the position of the hardcore consies/republicans for most of the time, anyway, the mantra of “we don’t talk with the bad guys, only with good guys”? Guess what, in real life outside Hollywood, that isn’t very macho, but very stupid. Without talks, you don’t get anywhere. Certainly you have to be carefully not to be taken advantage of. But if you don’t want trade only and human rights neglected, I suggest you also stop trading with China immediately - despite all trade, they still have huge human rights problems. Thousands of people die there, too, not of starvation but other factors like criminal neglience of work safety to make producing cheaper.

So stop being a damn hypocrite.

constanze, you are my hero today.

Seriously, or whoosh? If seriously - thank you, and blush

Simply to point out and stomp on this virulent meme, although I know someone else will be repeating it later…

Iran’s covert nuclear program was up and running for roughly a decade before George W. Bush was President of the United States.
We know this, because Iran confirmed it as a fact.

Blaming something that started over 20 years ago on Bush’s presidency is just wonky.

I do not see contradiction between what constanze posted and this. Countries, including the USA, have defense forces / capabilities in order to be able to defend themselves from threats even if they are not clear or imminent. Iran has suffered in the course of the last 150 years much intervention and aggression from western countries, specially UK and USA and they have good reason to be defensive and try to be ready for whatever threats they may face. And America has been making very threatening noises recently so it proves them even more correct.

Bush is not to blame for Iran’s nuclear programs but he is to blame for continuing an aggressive policy which unnecessarily makes Iran an enemy and which pushes them to continue their military programs.

constance, I mean it seriously. I notice you post little and I wish you would post more.

Didn’t Iran also stop its nuclear program in 2003, or was that someone else?

:dubious: The worst you can say about the US in Iran is that we supported the Shah over the dubious opposition during the Cold War. Not that the Shah was all that good, but he was better than the alternative in lot of people’s eyes. Including, probably, the Iranians today.

So, they start the program long before Bush was President, never change their policy or objectives, but it’s Bush’s fault the violent, thuggish theocrats want nuclear weapons. Yeah…