Fuck Sleet.

I know no better word to describe my feelings this morning. I went to bed last night with fluffy snow falling all over my yard. It looked absolutely beautiful. I even played a bit with my dog before retiring for the evening.
Then I lit a fire and my wife and I sat up until roughly 11 p.m. reading and having our tea.

I wake this morning to a sleety mess. All the snow stopped and there was a nasty, rainy, sleety crud falling from the sky. I suddenly realize that I must plow the driveway as my wife and I have a lot to do before our move to AZ in 2 weeks. I hop on my lawn tractor and drive out of the garage. I proceed to plow my 600 foot driveway. My tractor is even laboring because the snow is so heavy due to the copious amounts of rain falling on it.

I cannot wait to get to AZ. I hate sleet!

Lame rant I know. But…UUUHHHRRRGGGGG!!!

You know, in 10 weeks it’ll melt. :wink:

I hear you, Phlosphr. This weather sucks. It took me 2 hours to get to work this morning. I counted 5 cars that had slid off the highway on the way in.

You’re moving to Arizona? Don’t forget the rest of us back here in CT. :wink:

Geez. I read the title as all one word and thought this was a new Japanese fetish. Kinda like bukkake on steroids or something.

LOL!! Now that’s funny! :slight_smile:

Don’t ever move to Dallas/Ft. Worth. All we ever get is sleet. Unless of course we get freezing rain. Black ice anyone?

Arizone = thunder sleet.


Stupid fucking fingers.

I’m going out at lunchtime to make slush angels.

(Mustn’t gloat.) :smiley:

:eek: Great! Fantastic! I’m sooo stoked!

No seriously, I’ll post pictures of me frying an egg on the hood of my car in July. Mark my words. :slight_smile: At least I won’t be shoveling ANYTHING anymore…

Last night I seriously debated just staying in the city, knowing that if I came home, I was not likely to go back into work today because of the pending weather. But, I didn’t have a change of clothes, so back home I came.

Good news is, I found out today that if I have a broadband connection, and frequently work from home, I can get reimbursed for a percentage of my broadband bill. And there’s nothing like sitting on the couch, wrapped up in a blanket, while sitting in on a long conference call.

But in general, I hate this weather, too. The good thing about sleet-hardened snow is, it’s easy to walk on; it kind of holds your foot in place while you take the next step.

whine I want snow, man, I hate freezing rain!

At least everything is white and pretty. :slight_smile:

Except the scorpions…

(I’m just jealous)