Fuck This

Which shows another related problem (in the eyes of those who object to the very presence of un-appproved thought).

Now that you quoted my post, even people who have me on Ignore will see it. Unless they implemented that script that hides everything an Ignored poster writes, and that is not an automatic feature of the board software. So not only do they have to Ignore me, they have try to make the special effort to implement the script. And it doesn’t fulfill their need, which is not merely to ensure they don’t see me, but that nobody sees me. My posts, and the heresies they contain, remain on the board. The only thing that will meet their need to prevent anyone from seeing anything they don’t like, is Banning. That’s why they push so hard to make any deviation from the group-think a trolling offense. Obviously a better solution would be to delete all posts from a Banned poster, but at least they can comfort themselves by with the usual “See! See! He was trolling! The mods said so! I win!!!”

The logic of “he wasn’t banned for incorrect thoughts, he was banned for trolling, where trolling = incorrect thoughts, but that wasn’t why he was banned” is pretty thin, but Dopers can talk themselves into it.


Yes, we are talking about different HurricaneDitkas. I am talking about the one who posts here. You are talking about the one the various sufferers from Trump Derangement Syndrome think posts here.


The fact that you endorse this malicious idiot is a condemnation of both him and you.

Aw, that’s so cute! C’mon, do it again!


His Education in Broadcasting is showing again.

And that’s when you jumped off the Reality Train.

Happy landings,

Endorsing the OKC bombing?!? :eek:

Anyone who uses this phrase needs to turn off the right wing propaganda and go outside to enjoy the fresh air.

And no one reads liberal minds like Shodan. Thank you for sharing your unerringly confident wisdom! Of all the people who are certain about those they hate, Shodan’s certainty is truly the most certain of all.

Maybe, but ad hominem attacks don’t address the truthiness of what was posted. Surely you can just show where a post is incorrect.

39,000 times bitten, twice shy.

You’re welcome, I guess. Although I would say that Dopers like Der Trihs and some others are a great deal more certain about who they hate.

But that’s kind of the point. You are quite certain about who you hate. You are equally certain about who I hate, even when I am not certain.

I don’t hate HurricaneDitka, I rather like him as a poster. I don’t hate Der Trihs either. I don’t hate BPC - he’s kind of a nut, but when he settles down and tries to talk rationally he isn’t a bad poster. I don’t hate you, despite the occasional one-trick pony thing with the Chris Rock cite and the frankly rather dishonest tactic of “that has nothing to do with what I said” when you have been refuted.

But I also don’t hate Trump and Republicans. At which point, the Usual Suspects stop reading and start screaming. So it goes.


It’s a real disorder, afflicting both the man his ardent supporters. Highly contagious, no known cure. In patient zero, it manifests as ordinary derangement or dementia. For the millions of infected, it metastizes into something like Stockholm syndrome, or body politic dysmorphia. They look at Trump and see someone who’s competent, highly intelligent, always focused on what’s best for the country— presidential, in essence— despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

Several members and guests of this very forum are suffering from this modern-day plague. It’s heartbreaking to watch, knowing there’s nothing we can do to help.

I would recommend alcohol in large quantities, but it appears you have already tried that.


Does your universe have stringent visa requirements? Because I think it would be an interesting place to visit.

Praise the lord Shodan! You can even read my mind, apparently better than I can. Why, at this very moment, I suspect you have certainty about who I hate. If only you would share this wisdom… I mean, I think I have love for all Dopers, even the ones I think are rotten. But perhaps you could tell me better about my feelings?

I certainly apologize if I wrongly implied something. How could I know better than you at even my own thoughts, much less yours?

I know! How horrible that I remember so strongly your belief that it’s okay to refer to some black people as the N word, and often bring it up! Maybe it would be different, say, if I was a poster who generally focused on racism and symbols of racism and regularly discussed the topic. Or if I encouraged you to reevaluate your position on racial slurs, and had invited you for a discussion on the topic.

And even worse than remembering and mentioning your feelings on racial slurs, sometimes I have the audacity to be confused by a reply under the belief that it was a response to a straw man! Surely straw men are never seen on a board such as this… Or even if they are occasionally, never by conservatives. Only liberals use such mistaken and dishonest tactics!

Which just reinforces my amazement that you continue to spread your wisdom among us. It’d be different if we actually had thoughtful and interesting discussions, even when the subject of Trump and his policies came up. But all we do is “screaming” - what a brave soul you are to plow through such terror just to selflessly plant the seed of wisdom!


I firmly believe “don’t feed the troll” is horrible advice on its own. It doesn’t describe what feeding actually is, or what you should do instead. People tend to assume it means “don’t ever reply at all.” Since other people are going to reply anyways, that would be entirely useless.

I tried to give practical advice instead.

He’s just speaking Shodan’s native language. The guy only seems to understand snark.

Plus he’s actively lying AGAIN about what people have actually said. That’s something that (completely understandably) seems to really irk iiandyiiii.

People use facts and logic against HD all the time. The problem is that he just ignores it all.

But, compared to Shodan, he does seem quite eloquent, so I understand his (metaphorical) crush on him. Bricker’s gone, so he had to move on.

Hah! Truer words and all that.

I haven’t been on here in a year and I say something decent about Trump and I am automatically a ‘bully’ ‘terrible human being’ and many other things. I almost miss this stuff.