Fuck This

A few years back, I made a shitty, tasteless joke at the expense of jews and nearly got banned fror it.

Here’s a joke in a thread about concentration camps at the southern border.

Bolding mine.

Here’s the context for that joke.

Anyone reading that thread can tell that I have been tone policing it hard. I will not apologize for that - that’s what it takes for a thread to stay on topic, and this is an issue I feel very strongly about. (Plus, my last two attempts to talk about this were moved or closed, so I feel I kind of have to, lest this thread go that way as well. I made the topic of the thread very clear on page one, and put out a well-meaning plea for people to stay on topic. It almost kind of worked for a while, too!)

Now, leaving aside that in the time since HurricaneDitka joined the thread, the tone has kind of gone to shit (y’know, that thing I’m trying really hard to prevent, and that thing that seems to happen a lot around that guy for some odd reason)… There’s a limit to good taste. If a friend of mine made that joke around me, I would demand an apology and probably stop calling them. If a family member made that joke, I would probably stop interacting with them, and make a case to exclude them from shared family gatherings on the basis of that joke. It’s not even funny - it’s just cruel and shitty, and I cannot believe that that comes close to the line, let alone ends up on the “Ok” side of it. In my eyes, I can hardly imagine a more clear violation of the most important rule here: don’t be a jerk.

Actually, while we’re here, let’s talk about that other bit. Here’s another post from Ditka, very early in the thread.

Look, I’m sorry, but if we’re trying to have a serious discussion, the conspiracy theorist who insists that it’s all “FAKE NEWS” (and then makes shitty jokes at the expense of children in concentration camps, as in, the joke works by mocking and making light of the horrendous situation they’re in) is not helping. Instead, it’s making any serious conversation of the subject nigh-impossible, unless everyone makes a point of ignoring them. Hmm, there’s a word for this behavior, it’s on the tip of my tongue…

And no, “It’s all fake news” is not a serious take, it is not worth taking seriously, and it is not worthy of discussion. Ideally, that should have been the point where HD was unceremoniously told by a moderator, “Stop posting in this thread”. Now we’re three pages later and the conversation has been utterly dominated by this completely nonsensical point of view (and assorted other bullshit right-wing talking points like “it’s Obama’s fault”), and I’m a little bit frustrated that yet another thread has been blown off course. Why yes, this happens all the time around HD, and I’ll stop complaining about it when it stops happening - or, more to the point, when the moderators stop enabling it. This is a persistent frustration for me and I know I am not the only one.

But of course, the moderators aren’t going to deal with that. Someone with a long history of trolling posting absolute fucking inane nonsense in a thread? Ha, fuck that. Someone saying, “Hey, maybe stop taking the bait”? THAT CANNOT STAND!

Well what the fuck am I supposed to do? What the fuck is anyone supposed to do, other than hope that people stop taking the bait, despite evidence to the contrary?

I put a solid amount of work into the OP of that thread. I spent a lot of time adding to it, discussing the issues, trying to keep the thread on track (because it does, in fact, need constant pressure to stay on topic, even without people trying intentionally to drag it off-topic). I care quite a lot about this issue.

And, suddenly, the thread goes completely to shit. His first four posts are a direct repetition of what I had just posted with all the nuance and accuracy stripped out, invoking Godwin’s Law with no sense of irony and making a disgusting joke at the expense of the children in the camps, a one-line content-free response, and the claim that all accounts of the inhumane conditions are “fake news”. There is nothing of value there. The next 3 pages are mostly him posting similarly nonsensical or awful shit, and people consistently taking the bait.

There is no basis for discussion - I might as well post this thread on 4chan for all the good its currently doing. And a decent moderator might have noticed that. If the moderators here were decent at dealing with trolling, I wouldn’t need to be begging people to stop feeding the troll.

I know I’m not the only person who is sick to death of this complete and total unwillingness to deal with trolls. It makes serious discussion of issues hard to impossible. And that’s basically all I’m here for. So what am I supposed to do other than just give up and leave?

I like it here. I like most of the people here. I just struggle to see the point.

Just relax a bit. None of this is really that important. The issues are, but our arguments aren’t. We’re not really accomplishing much here. This is mostly wasting time on the internet. It can be fun and even intellectually stimulating and illuminating time-wasting, but we’re not actually doing much beyond that. And that’s only at the best of times – far more often it’s uninformed sniping and silliness.

I still love the place, though!


Thirded. Chill out, dude.

Waaah! I worked hard on my stupid thread and no one took it cereal! I’m super smart, why wont anyone listen to me!!

You make a disgusting joke like that and then have the temerity to try and defend it? And then have the balls to try and reprimand others for their beliefs in other threads, which at least don’t involve sick jokes at the expense of the less fortunate? Fuck off, you slimy piece of shit- this isn’t the only board you can post your brilliance on, fuck off somewhere else, you sick fuck.

Tone police- classic!

Also, reported, for comments about the moderation.


Broheim, you seriously need to defecate.

Or as the youngsters say, “drop Helmut Doork off at the pool.”

BPC, you can be a weird dude sometimes.

you want to placate/suck off someone who thinks referring to Jews as vermin is witty, your life.

Let’s see if I got this straight. BPC posts a link to a report that the despicable Trump government is completely denying soap, blankets, etc. to young children, not to mention toothpaste; and Turdicane Dipshit posts the “joke”

And the Board is so twisted that participants in this thread condemn BPC rather than Turdicane Dipshit.

In a recent GD thread I learned that the N.Y. Times has hired two liars so that it can be “fair and balanced” like the Hannity channel. And similarly here at SDMB, haters and liars are given free rein to hate and lie. This article, “The hack gap: how and why conservative nonsense dominates American politics”, should be required reading for all Dopers. Even with good-spirited publishers or message-board moderators, it is the Liars and Haters who end up dominating discussion.

George Orwell got several things wrong. It isn’t America’s new fascist government that is the problem; it’s Ameica’s demented and easily-gulled population.

Not especially keen to do either. If I reconsider, may I borrow your knee pads? (Assuming you and Shodan are finished, of course.)


I just can’t believe a soul here has the least bit of interest in throwing a pity party for this loser after reading his “joke”- not something generically stereotypical like Jews are thrifty, or have a heavy presence in the movie industry- but vermin. As in scum, that needs to be eradicated, as in a term Hitler would use.

His defense, of course, he himself is part Jewish! And if you believe that, some of my best friends are black, and I love you, and the check is in the mail, and I promise not to come in your mouth!

I’m giving Helmut Doork four weeks on this board before banning. Any other estimates?

Tone police! Calling tone police! Lame thread that crybaby worked four days on being hijacked!

So, you put your money on “banned sooner”, then?

So let me understand, someone who has made the joke “Jews are vermin” posts a thread in this section, and gets sympathy, and someone calling him on it is the asshole?

It’s more that you come off as a jerk to me. But hey, we have outright self-confessed trolls that have persisted here against all odds, so maybe you’ll dig in here too!

I think we just have to accept that conservatives are a protected class on this board and get special treatment from the mods.