Fuck yeah! (Cheney on gay marriages)

Fuck yeah!


Certainly this administration has been responsible for a lot of stupid asshatery over the last few years, and Cheney is no exception, but finally, thank god, a member of it has decided to make public comments against the administration’s goals of denying full civil rights to gay relationships. And so, today’s fuck yeah goes to Dick Cheney:

The remarks are actually much more powerful in sound, so if anyone could locate a clip of him actually saying this, I would appreciate that.

Fair enough, but beware of Greeks bearing gifts.

Right, and he’s now apparently living in Rome…

This is why I really want a link to the audio. I heard it on my public radio station yesterday on the BBC world, and it was very sincere.

Cheney stated that his views would have no effect upon the administrations policy of seeking a constitutional ammendment against gay marriage, and that those views were his own. So, I don’t view this as a ploy to get votes from gay people. I do think that it is a sincere statement of loyalty to his own daughters over political affiliation.

I’m curious why you chose The Pit for a post praising someone.

I’ve noticed The Pit has almost become the default forum for posts relating to politics, which is somewhat understandable considering how heated the discussions get. I don’t get this one though.

I’m not trying to go all junior mod on you, I’m just wondering.

If Cheyne’s daughter was straight ,he would be singing different tune.

So, Cheney has a personal view that differs somewhat from Bush’s. BFD. He still has to tow the line of the administration-- which is what he should do unless he wants to resign.

I’m extrapolating here, but I think it would be a mistake to construe this as support for gay marriage at a state level. I expect that Cheny WOULD support a state constitution amendment in Wyoming (or any state where he’s a resident) to ban gay marriage.

He’s not so much championing gay marriage, as he is championing states’ rights. But he clearly would champion the right of a state to vote ***for ** * gay marriage and not be overruled by the feds.

Pet peeve: It’s toe the line — the idea being that you have to line up just like all the other little soldiers by putting your toes exactly on the imaginary line where they’re all putting theirs. Sorry for the interruption.

I’m no Dick Cheney fan, but credit where credit is due. I think it was brave of him to say that, and not without risks (for every batch of fence-sitters in Nevada or Maine who are slightly more inclined to vote Bush/Cheney because of this statement, there could be a religious brimstone preacher in Missouri who will be slightly more inclined to tell the god-fearin’ to just stay home and sit this one out, etc)

Might keep an eye on WBC. Cheney could be on their website soon. If Fred Phelp’s condemns him to hell, then I’ll agree that he can’t be entirely bad.

The same goes for anyone who supports an issue because they have a personal stake. What the fuck did Christopher Reeve do to support paralyzed people before he became one? If you are going to bitch about someone having a certain opinion on an issue or being involved in something only because it directly effects them, you better get ready for a lot of typing.

Talk out of your ass much? You have no way of knowing this, especially in light of the fact that there are MANY conservatives who are against a federal constitutional amendment.

Eh. I don’t really see it as much cause for celebration.

In other words, he says “By the way, I believe you should have equal rights. But I still am second banana to a man who thinks we should amend the constitution in order to make sure that no state can make a law which guarantees you this right, and I’m not going to do a darned thing to rock the boat.”

That’s right. He got caught between fake family values and real family values and came down on the right side, but with as little actual commitment as possible.

He tries to look nice and tolerant ,guess why? november elections are coming ever closer.
Old windbag could loose his job and might be even send to Hague to be tried for War Crimes.

I don’t doubt that Cheney is being sincere. I also don’t doubt that this entirely in line with the Republican strategy. Will they double cross gays at the first opportunity? In a New York second.

Note the thread title… I think he just wanted to say “fuck”. The actual descriptive title was just added as a parenthetical.

I’m not sure why you felt a second thread on the exact same topic was warranted but I’ll say the same thing here as I did there. Cheney deserves no praise for this stance after shilling for the amendment when Bush declared his support.

Or maybe Cheney has only few weeks left to live (problems with his heart are well known)and he is realy sincere.

It is the first time I have respected the man. It won’t change my vote, but gives me a little hope that possibly the right wing may eventualy loose its strangle hold on the republican party.