Fuck you AT&T, Fuck you landlord

I want to have internet, without mooching off the neighbor with the unsecured network (which I just found. Thanks neighbor!) Verizon doesn’t serve this area. AT&T won’t complete my order because the dipshit who lived here before me never disconnected, despite not living here for the last four months. (I’m assuming he’s no paying. I haven’t seen any bills arrive either).

AT&T wants my landlord to call them to get it disconnected. My landlord is going ‘what? why would I do that? that’s not my job.’ So apparently I don’t get internet without being a leech.

(I’m waiting for my landlord to call back after I called AT&T a second time).

I’ll take suggestions.

Call your cable provider.

Your landlord can’t make a simple phone call ( I am assuming you’ll dig up the number and stuff and blah blah blah to make it easy)? Gawd help you when he/she needs to do something that actually requires getting off their ass.

I don’t have one and I’m not interested in having TV.

No kidding. I had to bug them for three or four weeks to get their keybox off my door and get my mailbox rekey at my expense when the key they gave me didn’t work. I suppose you get what you pay for, but ARGH.

S/he suspect s/he will have to give contact information, and end up being harangued for the past due balance.

You should be able to get just internet or just internet and phone (or whatever you’re looking for). You don’t have to get TV as well. If AT&T is giving you a hard time, it might be worth looking into.

One has to assume that after 4 months of not receiving a payment, AT&T would have already cut the service to that address.

I’m betting it’s more of them wanting to make sure you’re not the same tenant trying to avoid the bill by reestablishing service in another name. Otherwise, why the heck would they want to talk to your landlord?

I’m looking at other ISPs. Time Warner and Verizon don’t service this area. It looks like my choice is Charter or some tiny company. I’m not happy with these options, but what am I supposed to do? I’ll nag the landlord a little longer than go with Charter.

Be the landlord, I’ve faked being all kinds of people to get stuff done.

Charter is a great internet service provider, in my experience.

Thats Crahter.

Check out a third-party DSL provider like DSL Extreme.

That’s some funny shit right there…

This is not the apartment you are looking for.

I can see no other solution than burning the place down and faking your own death.

No, I need to fake the death of the idiot who lived here before me. And possibly the idiot before that (I still get mail for both of them). Or possibly not fake. :smiley:

I would just go with Charter. This issue with previous tenants’ unpaid balances is very common, and the best thing is usually to just go with the company that they weren’t using.

Perhaps you should stop stealing from your neighbors before you bitch about your landlord.

Yeah, that should work. :rolleyes:

Anybody who leaves their wifi unprotected in an apartment building is, IMO, inviting their neighbors to use it.

I password-protect mine, because I don’t want some pedophile downloading child porn on it, and then getting me in trouble with the cops. I also don’t want someone hacking my computers using my wifi.

Neither of those happening is particularly likely, though.