Fuck you, doctors

Nope, I don’t mean the ones who come to your offices and have sex w/ your wives and girlfriends :D. I mean medical doctors and psychiatrists- fuck you guys.

You never tell patients about the side effects of their fucking meds, you worthless overpaid golf-playing fuckers, w/ your hypocritical (sic) oaths. A doctor prescribed me Phentermine; if it weren’t for my self-education I wouldn’t have known about the whole POSSIBLE HEART FAILURE THING. Fuckers.

Yeah, Qadgop, I’m picking a fight w/ you. You’re the only one here I know is a doctor.

And psychiatrists are pitted here too. Quacks. Fucking charge 125$ for an hour session? Pretend to care, and yes, many of you do- but if the greenbacks weren’t there, you’d be gone. Fuck you too.

I don’t want any responses to this OP, at least not constructive ones about how patients need to take responsibility for their own meds side effects- I was young (19) when I was prescribed Mirtazipine and I didn’t know of it’s side effect of weight gain and now I’ve gained a tremendous amount, and although I’m starting a healthy life (my health before then wasn’t so hot anyways) and I’m confident w/ the Phentermine and such I’ll drop it, that doesn’t make it right-

you fuckers are paid too fucking much to sit behind your fucking desks and write your fucking prescriptions w/o telling your patients about these things.


So apparently reading the drug information pamphlets that come with them requires more literacy than you obviously possess.

I’m not going to spend 7 years in school, just so some fuck who can’t ask a pharmacist or read the fucking pamphlet that is required to come with medication can call me a fucker.
And it’s the hypocratic oath. Dumbfuck.

On second thoughts, you might’ve called it hypocritical in an attempt to be witty. I however, naturally assumed it was that you were, in fact, an idiot as this fitted in better with the rest of your OP.

*are, in fact

Oh and while I’m here, here’s an idea. Move to the third world where the lack of proper medical help will change your bitch from whining about weight gain to pouting about a slight case of death. Dumbass.

He’s probably pissed about the libido changes.

Doesn’t sound like he’s the kind of charmer that’d make much of a difference for.

It is important to read the warning literature. :stuck_out_tongue:

It seems as if Andrew has gone on a bit of a spam fest this morning. How many threads did you start - 7?

The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario Policy #2-05:

I don’t know what physicians are supposed to do where the OP resides, but here in Ontario they must explain the potential side effects etc.

The reasoning behind this is that the physician must have the patient’s consent before giving treatment (emergencies excepted), and consent is not valid unless it is informed consent (non est factum).

As far as the OP goes, sometimes even a maladjusted nutbar can be right, however, the general attact against physicians, and the specific attack against a particulat SDMB memeber, over an alleged lapse by the OPs physician, is just plain wrong.

andrewdt85, you pathetic piece of shit, regardless of action you may have against your prescribing physician, you have a lot of apologies to make to the profession and to Qadgop.

That’s how I post- bursts at a time; that’s how the Dope fits into my schedule.

Well, this was one of those venting rants that serves no purpose other than to vent and solve nor discuss nothing- except now the docs are gonna make house calls so to speak, and I’m gonna get a taste of their medicine :smack:. Whatever, I bring up a good issue of how docs don’t seem to care enough to tell about side effects at least.

So… er… anyone else have similar experiences? :frowning: Hello?:smiley:

Close. Hippocratic.

Not all doctors are the same.

And what did Qadgop ever do to you? :confused: :dubious:

Well, sorry Qadgop, I only mentioned you b/c I knew you were a doc and it fit the topic.

So sue me. :wink: Or rather, looks like I’ll be suing someone else :D.
J/k, I’m not going after my old doc from a year ago- if every doc who broke that law you quote got sued (if that is a law in the US), my god, the legal system would be shut down w/in days! :smiley:

Explosive diarrhea.

:o whoops.

Just like you must say when you don’t tell your patients about their meds side effects and they gain weight or have heart disease HE SHOOTS HE SCORES!!!

Better a fat patient than a dead patient, you dumbfuck.

First of all, IANAD. Second, discounting an entire profession because you had one bad experience is stupid. I mean, you’re obviously an idiot, but that doesn’t mean I think all SDMB’ers are idiots.
Do you know how many medications have may cause heart problems or weight gain on them?

Yeah, I know- the proper way to do this thread would have been to pit the idea (not telling about side effects), not docs in general; plus, the part about psych. is ad-libbed and tacked-on anyways. It was mostly a venting; it’s not like I’m insanely bitter about this stuff or something.

Feel free to move on…
If only it were that simple… :smiley: