Fuck you, Facebook

Just, ffuck. Can I just have my photos without you demanding a tag when you sense a face? Just leave my crap alone. Fuck you.

And also fuck you for destroying the “My Info” app. This is the one app that I use to promote my stuff, and you have fucked it. May the burning cock of satan rape your ass for eternity.

Thats not fair…Satan got banned so he can’t really protest his association with facebook. Why does he get all the dirty work…surely some lesser demon will do.

Stan, if you have THIS much of an issue, just delete your (Facebook) account!

Y’know, there’s only one thing more pathetic than people who use facebook to ply their trade, and that’s the stupid fucking losers who *complain *about facebook when it fucks you over.


Its all about YOU, innit?

I would just like to know the logic behind Facebook continuously antagonizing their users. Between the privacy fiasco and always breaking third party apps for no apparent reason, it must be a bunch of sadists in charge of the place.

Facebook has discovered they can do any random shit to people and their users won’t go away. It’s brilliant sadism. Fuck with your privacy, “accidentally” give all of your personal information to advertisers, bug you with ads at every turn, search people’s email and contact your psychotic ex with whom you no longer share any mutual friends to let her know about your page…and people keep coming back for more.

They have no reason to change, because the masses keep accepting it.

Some of us do. I deleted my page in early july and haven’t looked back once. I do not like FB.

Funny you should mention it. A psychotic ex has been stalking me and e-mailing me comments about my wall postings. Of course she isn’t using her real name on Facebook, so if I want to exclude her, I have to exclude everyone who isn’t friended. Bugger off, you stupid whore. It’s over. It has been over for three years. Why are you still obsessed with me? Get a fucking life.

The thing is, there is a lot of goodness there. There is a reason that it won over MySpace. By enforcing a consistent interface it has a good degree of usability. But yeah, they are evil. The only way they can monetize is to whore out your info. Now they have decided that you only get so many pixels on third party tabs, so they can run more ads.

Have they turned dollar one in profit yet?

Why on earth is your wall open to non-friends? What is the benefit in that? If people want to find you they can find you and then request friending - they don’t need to be able to see your wall first.

FB is as private as you make it.

It’s possible to set your privacy so that your wall isn’t visible to outsiders. So when she looks you up on Facebook she’ll see “People who aren’t friends with Stan see only some of his profile information…”

The only reason to have your wall visible to the public at large is so your exes can stay up to date on your life. The rest of Facebook doesn’t really care all that much.

I deleted my facebook profile, too (that was harder than it should have been, too), and I too have not looked back. “But,” I can hear people saying (because they say it to me sometimes), “It’s good for families and friends getting in touch with each other.” I have a home phone, a cell phone, two email addresses that I check all the time, and a home address. If you don’t know any of these, I don’t want you in contact with me.

So go demand a refund. :rolleyes:

No shit. I always wonder about these folks complaining that strangers are getting their info. What do you expect to happen?