Fuck you, Immanuel Kant!

It’s in the OP. Click the link that says “Parody”.

My son told me that Kant assures the common man that his perceptions of philosophy are correct, in words the common man can never understand.


Kritik der Reinen Vernunft? More like Kritik der Reinen Dumkopf.

“What do you get when you cross a Sicilian with Kant? An offer you can’t understand.”

-my Philosophy prof in college

:smiley: That’s pretty funny!

What can you expect of a man who never traveled ten miles from his home town, and presumed to teach geography?

“Those who can’t do, teach.”

Well, the link is a parody and I like parodies. But Kant didn’t write it, so what’s with the Fuck you, Immanuel Kant!?

Grow up.

The links in the OP are not parodies; Immanuel Kant really did write the material excerpted in English translation in the first link. Rather, the OP itself is a parody. Liberal is not really mad at or dismissive of Immanuel Kant. His target is actually people who create context-less one- or two-line OPs with links to large pieces of exposition to be waded through for uncertain reward, with no summary of what the point of discussion is meant to be. That is, he’s mocking the practices in the final two links of his OP.

Sorry to spoil the joke with explicitness, but people seem to need it.

Are you referring to early Wittgenstein or the late Wittgenstein? :confused:

Who cares? Fuck Kant anyway. His categorical imperative is fundamentally unsound. Situational ethics, dude!

Special thanks to **Randy Seltzer ** and, always, Indistinguishable.

That’s why I love Christ’s categorical imperative: “Be perfect”. It should work in every circumstance. :slight_smile:

Who wants to bet that that chicken Kant doesn’t even show up to defend himself in this thread?

Indistinguishable, thanks for clearing that up. Being new to this board, I obviously do not understand some of the nuances and past histories here.

And to compound my felony, I did not recognize “Notice of Parody” as actual links to previous posts.

My apologies to everyone but the inhabitants of the Delta Quadrant.

I never did like them.

Okay, for guests and newcomers, the tradition (and I believe, the rule) is that parodies must be posted in the Pit and that they must be identified as parodies. That’s why the extra two links.

If Immanuel had been an American, he would have changed his name to Immanuel CAN!

If Immanuel had been a mere I. Can, the whole orientation of Kantinental philosophy would likely be drastically changed.

No problem; you’ll pick it up fast enough. Welcome to the boards!

It would move and reshape, then? Kantinental Drift?

But the French would have called him Idiot Fries.