Fuck you NYSEG


I can see lights on where there is power restored.

Five houses down the street at the intersection.

Now they say I won’t have power until Tuesday at 7:00 pm. It’s forecast for 15 fucking degrees tonight and the furnace wont work without electricity.

Burn the neighbor’s house. Ought to warm you the night through.

Do you have any ability to get a kerosene heater? Or a generator? If you can go into survival mode, and pack towels and blankets around and over the doors and windows, and get a heater safely installed with safe exhaust ducting, you can probably keep yourself going. When our furnace died completely this January and it was 0F outside, we managed to heat the house to 69F with about 10kW worth of electric heaters. Now I know you have no electrics, but I’m saying that if you can get at least a 30,000 Btu/hr kerosene heater, you can probably do the same and keep on going.

With enough blankets, a cold house is not too bad. But plumbing could be an issue. Make sure you leave your faucets dripping (or even turn off and drain any unused taps) to avoid freezing.