Fuck you, Rowan County (KY) Clerk Kim Davis

[After a judge eviscerated her not-very-legal arguments one by one, apparently this woman still felt she had some legal grounds to stand on in not issuing marriage licenses because of her personal beliefs.

Personally, I think Miss Davis and her legal team are fucked up and totally wrong here. I think they have no legal legs to stand on and are just pissing in the wind in order to get piss all over everything, metaphorically speaking.

So I would say to her: Fuck you. Fuck you and your stupid, bigoted, idiotic belief that led you to this place. Fuck your legal counsel and any supporters you have, too. I know I could come up with some very clever descriptive tirade, but I think my feelings on this and towards you are better served bluntly and without decoration, so just: fuck you. You aren’t a good person and you’re a shitty American.

And yeah, I included her name in the OP in the hopes that it’ll show up on Google searches because fuck her.

I saw this this morning. Fucking bitch should be fired immediately, no severance pay or unemployment, and hopefully no job prospects in the future.

And “we think that this is a serious matter that needs to be decided by a higher court, even the Supreme Court…”

The Supreme Court? The same SCOTUS that made the determination that these shitheads think they can willfully ignore for no other reason then they want to? What the fuck??

I don’t disagree with you but there’s more to it than just Kim Davis. There appears to be a whole county government structure that is backing her up.

The big question is why doesn’t her boss (County Supervisor?) take action and remove an employee who refuses to do her job?

She’s not an elected official. She has a chain of command to report to and apparently that chain of command is a whole list of people who are hiding behind her as she does the dirty work.

If I was the judge I’d be going after the whole lot of them.

In other threads I kept hearing, “Give them time to adjust to the ruling-be patient.”, but I knew the fuckwads would take that time to regroup and dig trenches.

Do you know, or are you guessing, that county clerk is not an elected office in Kentucky? :confused: It is an elected office in at least some states, two articles I read regarding this story referred to the duty of elected officials to obey the law, and the article in the OP refers to the rogue clerk having been elected (as a Democrat :eek:).

As to the “whole county government structure”, the article linked in the OP (1) states clearly that the county executive can’t issue the licenses in lieu of the clerk unless she absents her post, which the judge who ordered her to issue the licenses ruled she hasn’t, and (2) quotes the county executive as being sympathetic to the license applicants and critical of the rogue clerk. While that could be a show for the media, the very fact that he shook the applicants’ hands and was apologetic shows that the local sympathies are not as strong with the rogue clerk as you seem to be presuming.

Dammit, when Kentucky makes the news, it’s always shit like this. 114 (or more, my cite’s from July) of our counties are issuing licenses. Feel free to visit, it’s a lovely place! Come for the bourbon, stay for the rule of law.

I fully support this fucking.

Did you see the part of the article where Kim Davis won election after her mother retired from the position? And where Deputy Clerk Nathan Davis refused to say whether or not he’s related to Kim Davis (I’ll be he is).

The article sure seems to paint a picture of entitlement and nepotism to go along with the bigotry and lawbreaking in the Rowan County Clerks Office.

The Kentucky Department of Homeland Security is required to have a plaque stating “The safety and security of the Commonwealth cannot be achieved apart from reliance upon Almighty God”. Failure to comply with this law can get you a year in jail and was proposed by a Democrat.

I’m curious if they’ll do something similar with this situation.

County clerks in Kentucky are elected.

Local and state politics in Kentucky are mostly in the hands of conservative Democrats, at least outside Louisville and Lexington. Yet we only send Republicans to Washington. It’s weird.

Also, the bullshit law firm that’s propping all this up is based in Florida, not the Commonwealth. At least there’s that.

Well, Florida is America’s wang.

FYI, County clerk is an elected position.

Kim Davis won her bid for election in Nov 2014 with 53.16% of the vote. And I’m scratching my head at this one, but she’s a Democrat. So, hey! I guess we finally have something legitimate to post in the Stupid Liberal Idea of the Day thread.

I don’t have a current passport … maybe not a problem getting into Kentucky (do you require a visa?) … but returning to the USA would be a huge problem for me.

I have a strong personal religious belief that she should be denied oxygen. Why are my rights being trampled?

  • bigoted and completely unhelpful wisecrack about everyone in Kentucky being closely-related *

Those good Christian Clerks are just following the teachings of Jesus, who famously said: “Gay people? Fuck those guys.”
What a god damn shame.

I got arrested for smuggling books into Kentucky once. But I got off on a technicality. No one could prove they were books.

-Comedian John Mendoza

Not a visa just for Kentucky, no.

Beer cheese!


Blatant civil rights violations

Mammoth Cave!

Kentucky has it all! Please don’t judge us by this criminal.

I just moused over the thread, guessing what it would be about, but you had me at…

Evil! I like evil.

Have you seen Him? They’ll be lining up.