Fuck you, Stargate! Lousy ISP!

Well, it’s official-Stargate, our ISP has been sold, and I have twenty days to get everything switched over to Earthlink.

Which means I have a TON of e-mail addresses to change, webpages, memberships, you name it!
I’m setting up a temporary e-mail over at Yahoo (and perhaps hotmail if I’m overwhelmed).

But this is sooo annoying! I’ve had the same e-mail address for years. So it’s going to be a huge pain in the ass to switch-I mean, my e-mail is on EVERYTHING! So now I’m going to have to remember EVERY LITTLE THING I have it on!


Wow, they only give you a 20-day period to change E-mail addresses? Comcast bought out AT&T’s cable internet service, and we get something like a year’s worth of mail forwarding. That sucks that they’re being so pushy about it.

Hey, Nauticom is offering 2 free months to (former) Stargate customers through Oct. 31st. I’m not sure how reliable Nauticom is compared to Stargate, but I imagine it’s heads and tails above a national like Earthlink.

Ferret, Stargate’s been in Chapter 11 for almost a year now, so they’re liquidating their assets, so the option of mail forwarding is probably pretty much out. I’m a Stargate user myself, though I haven’t received my reassignment letter yet, but I heard the Nauticom offer on the radio and I don’t think I’m gonna wait.

I felt so bad for all my friends and family who had to go through the double-whammy change of MediaOne.net to ATTBI.com and then ATTBI.com to Comcast.net.

Moral of the story: Never use an ISP-provided email address as your primary contact email!!

Do what I did: get your own domain. I had it hosted at a 20-buck-to-set-up-but-free-thereafter host, and was able to set the forwarding on it, myself.

I had email all sent to my personal email address forward on to my ISP email address, which I never gave out. When I was forced to change ISP, all I had to do was change the forwarding on the email to my new address, and I didn’t have to change anything else.

It’s a bit more expensive, but I’m DAMN glad I got my own domain.

I thought this was about the tv show. I was ready to see gobbles come down on you like a ton of bricks. :slight_smile:

Yes, Lightnin’, it’s good to be the master of your own domain.


BTW, Guin, do you want me to send you scans of the pics from the Mini-Dope? No one answered my previous thread; I’m giving it one more try.

Go right ahead, Steelerphan. I have my new Yahoo e-mail as my address for now.

I could set up the domain-but I don’t have the cash to do that now.


I already reset all my yahoogroups-it’s just remembering EVERYTHING I have to reset. Oh well.

Yeah, damn stargate, like when you dial up a planet in Alpha Centauri and it, like, drops you in the middle of a desert all the way across the galaxy, and then Te’alc starts complaing about sand in his shorts, and…



Whenever our ISP bought out someone, we took the Domain along with it, so all email addresses could stay the same. Seems only courteous - it’s not the customer’s fault this happened.

Same thing happened to me - my local ISP was bought out about 4 years ago, the new ISP changed its name, then Earthlink bought them. I’ve still got my original address.

Of course the Earthlink custormer service people are usually confused when they ask for my Earthlink address, but it’s worked well. And if I hadn’t been able to keep my email address, I would’ve long ago switched to a cheaper ISP.

BTW, I also assumed this was a rant about Richard Dean Anderson, General Hammond, the Goa’uld, etc.

Earthlink IS offering forwarding, it looks like. Whew! At least I’ll have a bit longer.