Fuck you, The Author

I was thinking, “Kids! Slo-o-o-ly I turn. Step by step, inch by inch…”

There are actually “Pit rules”? LOL

I hate commercials, so I simply don’t watch them.

First of all, I love movies, so there are no commercials at all. Secondly, the series that I watch, I record, so I never watch them live. I can therefore fast forward through the commercials. The only sport I watch for hours on end is football. On Saturdays, I just flip back and forth between several available games and, on Sundays, I flip to the Red Zone when the Bears are on commercial break.

Do you know where the money goes when you donate to Kars 4 Kids? Or, to be more precise, which particular kids are funded and for what purpose? Not only is the charity for the benefit of Orthodox Jewish children only, but apparently, despite the fact that the ads run all over the country, only Orthodox Jewish children from the Northeast region benefit: (from the first link)

At the very least, they should add a line about where the money goes after that annoying jingle.

“One eight seven seven Kars 4 Orthodox Jewish Kids”

“One eight seven seven Kars 4 Orthodox Jewish Kids in the Northeast”

I can’t believe they raised $90 million in 3 years. It costs that much to run two camps?

Oorah? Is this a Marine Academy for New England Jewish kids?