Fuck you, The Author

I watch the Mets through the NBC sports app, and they play the same commercials over and over and over and over and over and over. Every half inning it’s the same damn commericals, at twice the volume of the broadcast. Mind of a Champion is particulary annoying. So fuck you The Author, fuck your stupid pretentious name and fuck your stupid song.

cable tv does the same thing … some channels have only 10-15 commercials so they loop them endlessly … and the channels i like are watched by mostly old people so its all drug and health commercials (hey apex m last they do make female pubic strengthing devices …they run on batteries and are more fun to use than your device)

One technique that I have found works with radio stations is to tell them that a particular advert or adverts is so annoying it makes you switch off, noting that this causes a loss of audience for not just that ad but subsequent ones too. I know there are Dopers in the business, so they can give chapter and verse.

I tried that once! It was an extremely annoying Kars for Kids jingle that was all over the airwaves. I told one of the stations that every time it came on I changed the station to something else, which was perfectly true.

I got back a nice sympathetic note exposing that this was a big advertiser and that the guy who created the ads thought they were absolutely wonderful and so…thanks for your note, sorry for your pain, can’t do anything about it. Sigh.

One of my high school teachers told of the time when he wrote to Procter & Gamble, begging them to 86 Mr. Whipple from Charmin ads. He got a similar response, with similar results.

I haven’t encountered him since 1983, but now that we’ve got these goddamned bears who appear to shit anywhere BUT in the woods, I bet he misses Mr. W.

I know I do.

I listen to talk radio almost exclusively online, and noticed they play the same ads over and over again and they are different than the AM/FM ads. I’m guessing they are harder to sell and /or are targeted to a VERY specific audience.
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I watch the local news via streaming. The newscast has 4 ads: An ad for Brazilian butt lifts, the prepack pharmacy, the ambulance chaser with the 4 MILFs in his office, and the custom picture framing place. The worst part is they go to commercial four times in a half hour.

And it is the same every break…

What I hate in podcasts are the commercials that act like they’re live, and get repeated. Like for Bogus Miracle Weight Loss Drug X, there’s some doofus who uses the ]sounds like he’s talking on the phone[ filter and says “I just got off the phone with Mrs. X, and she was so excited…” Then he has the exact same conversation with her 15 more times.

“One Eight Seven Seven Cars for Kids…”

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That being, that ads have a lot less impact on sales than people believe. Sure, everyone can quote studies that NOT showing McDonalds ads impacts sales, but no one says whether showing the ads for Husband and Wife Law Firm fifteen times during the baseball game actually is worth the money in increased business, as compared to billboards or door flyers or H&WLF branded urinal cakes in the jailhouse bathrooms.

I watch a lot of Law and Order on WeTV. I would say 50-70% of their advertising time is taken up plugging other WeTV shows. I am sick to death of The Braxtons growing up hiphop with Mama June at marriage boot camp with the guy they loved after lockup.

My question is, do shows like the Braxtons have the “real” commercials? Is L&O the “gateway drug” to getting people to watch all their original programming trainwrecks? Do they make their advertising dollars from those shows? Or do they all just have commercials for each other show? If so, what’s the point? Is WeTV just a big circle jerk with each show endlessly promoting each other show?

On Demand is even worse. Verizon’s is, at least. Their commercial breaks for VOD stuff are literally the exact same commercial 3-4 times in a row.

It’s bad enough that subscription satellite radio has commercials at all, but the really annoying thing is that the majority of the ones I hear are painfully obvious not-quite-illegal-scams.

Damn you!!! 5 minutes after reading your post and I still cannot think of a truly appropriate response that does not violate the Pit rules.

Dear moderators of the straight dope message board:

I would like you to know that every time somebody posts excerpts from this ridiculous jingle, I change to another website.

I just heard that yesterday. Thought I would share a worthy charity jingle :slight_smile:

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Think of the children!!!

Think of the wrong numbers!!!

“One Eight Seven Seven Kars for Kids…”


Here’s your reward for pointing that out.

Edited to add: Hate to ruin the fun surprise, but anyone who clicks that link PLEASE at least look at the first comment before closing it.