Fuck You USPS, and Fuck You Wells Fargo Bank

I got two, so I figure I would save writing two threads:

First, Fuck You United States Postal Service. I have been home all day, working on my computer, no radio or music in the background…and now I go to the mail box and there is a note saying, “Sorry we missed you!” There is a note regarding a certified letter you supposedly tried to deliver. No you didn’t miss me, asshole. You were too damned lazy to get out of your truck and walk up six steps and knock on my door or ring the bell. I would have heard you even just walking up those steps. So now, I either have to schlepp 4 miles to the post office, wait in line and show id to get the damned letter, or I have to sign off for you to deliver it again…excuse me, I mean, deliver it like you were supposed to the first time! This isn’t the first time you have played this trick…maybe a lot of people are not at home during the day, but don’t bullshit me and play the “sorry we missed you” game with me.

And Fuck You Wells Fargo Bank…yes, I have a very common name (think John Smith, or Bill Jones, etc.) so when I started getting your 6 automated calls per day regarding paying the credit card, I politely tried to call you but was put on hold for 20 minutes and then you bastards cut me off. Finally I got through to let you know I have never had a Wells Fargo account, nor do I have a credit card through you, and I am not the person you are trying to hassle to get payment. You assured me all would be taken care of. One week went by and all was fine. Then your stupid automated dialer starts calling me AGAIN! Eight time in one day, six or seven on the other days. Once again I have to call and wait forever to get a human being on the phone and once again you promise not to have me called…and today…well, there it was again…fuckyoufuckyoufuckyou…I would never open an account with you, and I am so sick and tired of calling and getting these promises to remove my phone number…

Wells Fargo credit cards are things of the devil, let me tell ya’. When I opened my checking, they offered me a card and I took it- I figured, “how handy! I can just transfer my payments directly on line”. After getting a little spend happy (nothing excessive, under $1000), I put the card in a drawer and now am doing monthly payments. Actually, no: I make a payment once a week, when I get paid- a payment that is transferred from my Wells Fargo Bank Account to my Wells Fargo Credit Card. My monthly payments add up to 3 times what the “minimum payment” is. But that’s not good enough for those evil, carriage having bastards.

I get between one and three calls per day from Wells Fargo, seeing if I want to set up payment arrangements. The convo usually goes something like this:

Wells Idiot: Hi, we need you to set up payments for your credit card with us.
Me: Why is that? I pay three times the monthly payment. In fact, I make a payment once a week, is that not sufficient?
Wells Idiot: Well, your payments are due on the 21.
Me: Ok, so would it be easier for you guys if I just make one big payment around the 21?
Wells Idiot: No, you have to set up a payment plan. We need to get a payment of $xxx (twice what my monthly minimum is) from you as soon as possible.
Me: Why?
Wells Idiot: If we don’t set up a payment plan for you, you’ll get fees and flying monkeys that will, like, fly out of your ass and stuff.
Me: How much is the required minimum payment?
Wells Idiot: $xxx (Not the number she said above— half of the number above)
Me: K, and it’s due when?
Wells Idiot: the 21st.
Me: K, I’ll pay you at least $xxx (min payment) by the 21st. There’s my arrangement.
Wells Idiot: No! I need a payment arrangement NOW. Can you give me your credit card number so we can debit it now? :confused: :smack:
Needless to say, this confuses me. I’m in great standing with them, I always make my payments (like I said, usually three times the minimum) and yet they hassle me at least once a day about sending them a payment OMGRIGHTNOW!!!111ELEVENTY!11 or else! Stupidity, that’s what it is. They also call at all kinds of crazy hours-- it’s always within the legal times, but it’s always as early or as late within them as they can get.

My theory is that they only do this because I’m young and a student. Of course, I have no way to prove my crack pot theory.

Fuck Wells Fargo.

I’ll add this to the long list of crap I’ve hear about Wells Fargo over the years. I will never deal with them.

Cannot address the Wells Fargo issue, I have never done business with them and sure as heck not going to in the future after reading this.

As far as USPS, I have to disagree with you. I have no doubt you have been treated unfairly, and it is despicable. But it is a problem with your local mail carrier being an ass, not the entire USPS. Pit that carrier. If you have talked to the local postmaster about it and it is still not resolved, pit them as well. To me it is like pitting the entire US Military because of the despicable acts of a very few. My experience (and being small town is a factor I am sure) has been the USPS will really try to resolve any problems. And that experience includes a lot of overseas mailing, and a lot of E-Bay mailings.


Shoot, I said “despicable” twice in the same post, I am turning into Daffy Duck!

Dang that made three, it is worse than I thought!

The same thing happened to me a few weeks ago with USPS. We were home, doors were open, garage door open, car visible in garage…and still the note in the box, which is right by the front door. Which was open. We checked, the doorbell was working. So since they put the name of the sender on the pick-up slip, I knew who it was from and what it was, so I didn’t rush up to pick it up. But when I did, a few dauys later? They couldn’t find it. It was lost. They never tried to make the required second attempt, eother. It really puzzled the guy I got at the counter, because he is in charge of all the certified mail at that location. They searched, and searched, and I called the sender, who hadn’t gotten it returned…no letter anywhere. It’s been over a month now, and they still haven’t found it.

For those of you who are having the little slips of paper put in your mailboxes, would it be possible to rig up a little wireless sensor on the mailbox that causes a chime or something to ring indoors when it’s opened? Hopefully you’d hear it and be able to rush out and catch the mailfucker who’s being lazy.

The post office here has done it to me numerous times. I have been home probably 90% of the time I have gotten the “sorry we missed you” notice, It’s happened with the froondoor/open (with a screendoor of course). No doorbell. I even found the “sorry” notice in my mail box. Now, I do live in a neighborhood that has “group” mailboxes (not an idividual one outside my house) Oh so he didn’t want to drive up the street to put it on my door.- Lazy fuckers!
To top it off, my “pick-up” post office is ridiculous to get to because they are open from 9 am to 4 pm- WTF??? (the UPS has the same stupid hours) and in an area with highly congested traffic due to construction and whatnot.
I did complain- loudly (but as polite as I could) at the post office about the mail delivery people being extremely lazy in regards to this matter.

I am not even going to start about Wells Fargo.

Ahhhh. It becomes clear. Wells Fargo hates everyone. I agree! They suck.

Wells Fargo blows. I won’t even go into the details but somehow they made a 25 cent overdraft that wasn’t even my fault, but theirs (clerical error) into me owing them $200. And they wouldn’t work with me on it. Fuck them. They’ll get their money out of me when I’m dead.

As for the USPS, I’ve never had problems with the mail - but UPS I’ve had issues with, and FedEx.


Wells Fargo is indeed a bullshit organization. I got free checking from them while I was in school, but now I’m graduated and the first thing I did after starting work was move to CitiBank.

Other gratuitous insults:

They offer a paycheck advance service if you have direct-deposit with them. Paycheck advances suck universally, but they give you a month to pay them back, and they’ll accept even extremely-low-income student-types (I had a monthly $400 check at the time). A couple years ago, the University was late paying me by a week, and in the meantime I ran out of money and needed to borrow against the check. Naturally, they wouldn’t let me, because my regularly-scheduled check didn’t come in and obviously I’d been fired. :rolleyes:

Most banks charge you for using their ATMs if you’re not one of their customers, but Wells Fargo is the only one I know of to add insult to injury by charging their own customers another $2.50 to use other banks’ ATMs on top of that. I got really neurotic about being willing to walk all over looking for a Wells Fargo ATM, because I’d take a $4-5 hit for anything else.

$1 monthly surcharge for using their ATM/Debit card as a debit card. Apparently you could apply for a different card that didn’t have this fee involved, but WTF?

Every time I go in for services they ask me to apply to one of their other credit cards. Thanks, but no thanks.