Fuck your business interest and your zero-sum mindset!

Me: Poor, surviving on welfare, running a non-commerical organisation dedicated to games development with only two in the committee, no budget to speak off. At most I have some goodwill with people in the educational arena.

You: You owe a company. You got a signed deal with a government agency. You have trainers and budget and money.

Me: I know people who can help you.

You: You ask me to provide a judge who can be on a panel for board game competition.

Me: I did just that; at no cost, nothing for me, just want to help.

You: You are now telling other people that I am trying to snatch the deal away from you to develop the games for the students

Hey, pal look here. Look at the size of my team - three full-time students, up to their neck in school-work, projects, last-semster drama in a non-commerical, non-profit organisation.

What got into your unscrewed mind filled with shit that we could do anything with your precious winners from the competition? We don’t even have a budget for printing fliers, much less offer to publish those games.

I, out of the goodness of my heart, provide a certified judge on game design from a recongisied university, and God knows what put the fucking idea into your fucked-up mind that I am going to snatch the deal from you - a company, with an already signed agreement.

So you have your business interest, ah? Damn it, once you get what you want. you bring up your precious business interest and start seeing us as an enemy who is going to steal your business. HELLO? I was there when I said we are NON-COMMERCIAL. The judge is from an UNIVERSITY. That’s NON-COMMERCIAL and NON-PROFIT too.

It is PEOPLE like you with your zero-sum mindset who is stifling the industry in this small, small country. You take your signed deals to block out others who just wish to help, or who need help, EVEN WHY THEY JUST DON’T CARE THE MONEY AND ARE DOING IT FOR PASSION. and worse, malign them for stealing your business.

It is small-minded people like you, afraid of losing your signed deals, who keeps waving those deals about as placards to keep people away and talk about conflicts of interest that is driving passionate people away.

And now with your accusations, what can my three-man team small organisation do? You have effectively put us on a black-list that even one of our supporter is expressing doubt and concern about supporting us because we are somehow stealing your prize ideas away. A three-man full time student team developing a board game for publishing. HELLO? Please take off your dollar-signs spectacles and take a closer look at reality.

That is reality. For now. We’re working on it.

Sometimes I feel like an alien.

Hail, earthlings! Teach me the way of your planet.

Granted, the guy sounds like a dick, but when you own a business, money is almost always the only yardstick that really matters.