Fuck Yu

Apparently I’m a racist bastard (My Pit thread from last September)

Online story here.

Notice the picture in the online article. Lush and green, ain’t it? Yes, it would be, except Mr. Fuck Yu really let the place go. No landscaping effort was done, so the place got completely overgrown with weeds. The grass grew as high as an elephant’s eye. It got so bad that weeds and broken tree limbs blocked the sidewalk. One had to actually go onto the street just to pass by the place. People complained, and asked that Fuck Yu do a little landscaping. In fact, the local government insisted on it.

He complied. Boy, did he ever comply.

About a month ago he completely denuded the property. That included the removal of six old oak trees and a rare magnolia. Most of these exceeded six stories in height. A couple of these weren’t even on his property. As the work was going on, neighbors gathered and told him to stop. He said that the DCR issued him a permit to cut the trees down. They didn’t. The lying liar asshole thug lied. Bald-faced.

You should see the place now. It looks like a person who gave himself a haircut with a rusty kitchen knife. We’re not sure what his intentions were with his clear-cut fuckwittery, but the general feeling is he’s being a spiteful jerk. My own thought is that the property is now easily accessable to bulldozers. This assclown is clearly up to no good.

On top of all that, apparently he graffitied his own place, spray painting “No chinks here” on the walls. He’s still trying to portray us as racist. Honestly, we don’t hate the Chinese. We hate hate-mongering asshole slumlord lying racist pricks who denude beautiful property out of spite.

And unlike a bad haircut, the view out my window isn’t going to just grow back.

Fuck Yu couldn’t even be bothered to show up to his own court hearing yesterday. He sent his lawyer instead. And he was ordered to replace the trees with grown trees, and restore the property to its original condition. I’m betting he won’t. He’s going to play spiteful games all the way to the end. He clearly has no respect for his neighbors, or for the law.

He’s just a nasty, nasty person.

I wish death on him. I hope he gets the worst kind of ass cancer, then gets dropped from a helicopter into Al Qaida territory where they decapitate him with a dull paring knife, then play soccer with his head.


I’ll give you the same advice I give my patients who express this sentiment:

Chill. Your wishes harm him not one whit, but can raise your stress levels to debilitating heights. Even righteous anger takes its toll.

It does sound like he sucks hard, though…

Don’t worry about it. Starting tomorrow, I’ll let surf and sand melt my worries away. :cool: Five days of “fuck the world, I’m having fun.”

Another article.

Before and after pictures.

He sure has a lot of money to toss around. Sad story…hopefully you’ll get your view (or something like it) back.

Damn, that was a nice house. Now it looks like the door would be answered by a 7 foot tall albino.

How the hell did he expect to put 42 condos onto a lot that size? The building next door is only 6 stories - was he planning a skyscraper phallicly jutting up in residential utopia or condos the size of shoeboxes?

What a fucking fucker McFuckerson. He fucked up, and now wants to trick someone else into paying three times what it’s worth by enticing a developer into buying into the same exact mess he’s in without mentioning that the site is essentially useless (except as a home, of course). Fuck. Er.

And what he did to the yard makes Baby WhyNot want to cry. Fucker fucker fucker fucker.

More likely a crack addict. That’s pretty much who lives there now. Yu left the doors unlocked.

A few neighbors took it upon themselves to take a look around inside. Apparently the place smells very strongly of mildew.

That’s a damn shame. As a minority, nothing pisses me off more than people that cry racism whenever something doesn’t go their way. I hope you post when karma finally gets that assclown.

Wow, that house was gorgeous before and now just looks awful. That’s really, really unfortunate.

I think it was supposed to 5 stories high, so if he extended right to the boundries, he could fit in 8 units per floor. Yeah, they’d have to be pretty small. And my view would be someone else’s living room.

I wish I knew what restaurants the guy owns, so I can make sure to avoid them at all costs.

What a piece of fucking shit. Fuck speculators who care nothing for the past and nothing for the character of neighborhoods.

This is why all property should be held in the common good.

What an unfortunate turn of events for the property (and the neighbours), for that house to have been bought by such a large asshole. I’m working on developing a business as a landscape designer; those before and after shots are truly awful - you just don’t DO that.

It’s a hijack, but I just gotta ask. In the first thread on Yu, you repeatedly refer to Saturns in the company of Lexus, Jaguars, etc., as if they were comparable (i.e. as if they were luxury cars). Where do you come by this association? Saturns are hardly luxury cars nor are they marketed as such.

I don’t know from cars. To me, anything fancier than my feet is luxury.

That sucks. That after picture also makes it pretty clear that that’s not a craftsman style house (contrary to the article’s description). Looks like a Spanish stucco number.

fair enough, just stuck out at me.

I didn’t realize this was a landmark status property until I read the article with the before and after pictures. He’s in big trouble.

Other than that, I may not like what he did, but it should be his right to do whatever he wants to his property. There are plenty of landscaping jobs that could use a little re-thinking. I’m just against communities telling you what color you can paint your house, what plants you can grow (or not grow), etc. I’m not into the “ticky tacky” look.

He sounds like he might be a little nuts. He’s only hurting himself.

From what I understand, he’s been sipping the rage-o-hol a bit much. Last night a very cute neighbor told me that he’s pretty much always clenching his fists and that there’s a vein permanently bulging from his forehead. Yeah, he doesn’t sound too stable to me.

Very cute neighbor.

We’re generally not the kind of neighbors who cares at all what people do to their property. We’re live and let live. But experience has shown that if what you’re going to do affects us negatively, then be prepared for a fight.

VERY cute.

Too bad Mr. Yu wasn’t the owner of a certain DC dry cleaner. Two egotistical eccentrics with anger issues would have been twice as fun.